Hi! I’m Jodi. Welcome to my new blogging adventure! Tinypresence is a collection of advice, adventures, and information presented by me, a fun and adventurous single 30-something gal living in the heart of Dallas, TX. I’ve found great pleasure in traveling, trying new foods, styling my tiny home and myself, and enjoy personal finance. I’d love to share everything with you!

EXPLORE – Traveling is joy. Follow me on my journeys or read about tips and tricks I have for getting the most out of your adventures close to home or around the world! Texas is home, y’all. Learn about the many joys of local Texas travels, too!

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EATS – I love food. I really, really love food. Trying new foods and drinks is fun, cooking is creativity, and being healthy is essential. Join me in tasting the world, healthy cooking at home, and balancing it all out in a healthy way.

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NEST – Living small is important to me. A clutter free lifestyle means less stress and being more conscious of the impact you have on the environment is beneficial for everyone. Learn more about living small stylishly while decreasing your footprint and lowering your stress levels.

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STYLE – It’s taken a long time but I have finally built a versatile wardrobe perfect for work, weekend, and travel. And the most amazing part? It’s all on 40 hangers. Check out my advice for downsizing your clothing while expanding your wardrobe options.

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RICHES – Building wealth is important to all of us. Being confident in your financial choices and setting goals is important. Read how I’m figuring things out and get in on the challenges!

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