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EXPLORE: How I Get to Travel so Much a Year

How do people get to travel so often? Check out my 8 tips on how you can travel more too!

EXPLORE: Road Trip 2017 – Indianapolis Motor Speedway

My BFF and I cruised through Indianapolis and made a pitstop for BBQ after a day at the track.

EXPLORE: Road Trip 2017 – Cleveland Rocks!

Cleveland rocks! East 4th Street, the Rock Hall, & lunch at Hard Rock filled my 24 hour stay.

EXPLORE: Road Trip 2017 – Niagara Falls

The next stop on Road Trip 2017 brought me to my 12th country. Check out all my pictures!

EXPLORE: Road Trip 2017 – New York State

You don’t have to go to NYC to have fun in New York! See what all I did in 3 cities in 3 days.

EXPLORE: Road Trip 2017 – From New York to Dallas

New York to Cleveland to Indianapolis to St. Louis & back to Dallas, this is the plan for fun!

EXPLORE: 15 Reasons Why I Like to Travel Solo

Try new things, face new challenges, and relax the way you want to on your schedule and budget.

EXPLORE: To Bucket List or Not to Bucket List?

Should you ditch the Bucket List or finally make one? 3 reasons for & 3 against having a list.

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