Welcome to tinypresence! This site is a collection of advice, adventures, and information presented by me, a fun and adventurous single 30-something gal living in the heart of Dallas, TX.

My website continues to grow everyday and I am looking for quality contributors. If you enjoy writing and/or photography or have a product or service you’d like to share, please read on for more information.

Contributing Requirements:

Writing Skills – I am searching for quality writers and contributors who would like to write features for this site. Proper American English, including grammar and spelling, are required to continue the quality of the site.

Photography Skills – Imagery is not required for blog features. However, if you would like to feature your images or work they must be of professional quality and you must agree to having an image used as a graphic to promote your post. These graphics align the site and encourage Pinterest use.

HTML Skills – HTML skills are not required. If you are interested in promoting products or your work then you must be able to provide direct links or sales links.

Website Categories:

This site focuses on travel, food, home, personal style, and finances. I would love to talk to you if you are an expert on any of these categories.

Explore – Do you travel and write? Do you love photography? Share your adventures, knowledge, and travel tips with new readers!

Eats – Are you a foodie? Do you love to travel and eat or make your own recipes? Help others learn more about food and cooking by contributing food related content.

Nest – Is home decor your passion? What about living small in a 700 sq. ft. or smaller home? Contribute by sharing images, design tips, or products that will help city dwellers live a better and more stylish life.

Style – Make-up, fashion, and personal style your thing? Teach others how to have a new look or where to shop by showing your favorite looks.

Riches – Are you a penny-pincher? A stock buying guru? Or are you trying to figure out the best methods to become financially solid? Share your stories and expertise with others today.

Stories – Or are you an amazing story teller? Do you have a funny story to share about one of the topics?

Benefits for You:

By being a guest blogger you will reach a new audience and will have the opportunity to grow your Internet presence, present your talents on a new website, and have the opportunity to share your content and links on another site.

What are you waiting for? Contact today!