EXPLORE: Road Trip 2017 – Niagara Falls

I had an amazing time while in New York for the first stop. I had a lot of fun and adventures in Syracuse, Skaneateles, and Rochester alike! After days 1 through 3 on Summer Road Trip 2017, it was time to say goodbye to all our friends in New York and head out. Our next stop was Canada to see Niagara Falls!

Tinypresence: Road Trip 2017 Day 4 - Niagara Falls, Canada

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Our Day in Canada

My best friend and I got up and headed out to Canada first thing in the morning. We traveled through New York State on I-90 west towards Buffalo and then eventually made our way up 190 to Canada. The drive was fairly easy as it was only about 2 hours to get there.

One thing I really like about traveling through New York is the Thruway. While you have to pay to use it (and this goes against my normal financial views), it’s clean, preserves more of nature than a traditional interstate like we have in Texas, and has safe rest stops with fuel and food.

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Once we got through Border Patrol, we headed into town. At this point in our trip, it started pouring rain! We decided it was time to grab some lunch anyway. We ended up eating lunch at a seriously cheesy restaurant and by the time we were done, the weather had cleared up!

Travel Tip: Believe it or not, rain can actually be a blessing! Most tourists and locals don’t want to get wet so attractions are virtually deserted when it rains. Remember to keep a positive attitude and enjoy the moment no matter what the weather decides to do. This happened to me at Ho’okipa Beach Park in Maui and the experience was amazing.

Tinypresence: Road Trip 2017 Day 4 - Niagara Falls, Canada

Hey, I finally made it to Canada! My 12th country!

We took a short walk from the restaurant and went over to the visitor area. We decided to skip the traditional boat tour and went a different route: we got tickets for the under the falls experience. I highly recommend this tour! It’s a little different than the boat tour and you can experience the falls from the side (and not get completely soaked). Check out all my pictures from the experience.

Pictures of Niagara Falls

Pictures from Under the Falls

COMING SOON: My Day in Cleveland, Ohio. Hint: It rocked!

I always heard how beautiful Canada is and how impressive the falls are but seeing them in person was more beautiful than I could have ever imagined. I’m so glad I went! I hope you enjoyed my pictures. 

If you have suggestions or recommendations for visiting Niagara Falls, please comment below to share your advice!