CHRISTMAS: 4 Ideas to Save Money and Avoid Clutter


Here we are approaching another Christmas season! Maybe I’m being grouchy or maybe I’m more focused on other things right now but I am seriously not feeling it this year. And please tell me I am not alone just so I feel a little better… Anyway, I’m just not into the whole hustle-and-bust-let’s-spend-a-bunch mood this year. And the main thing: I don’t want more stuff in my house and I don’t want to add to my friends and family having more stuff either! So I started thinking about what great gift are available that are both budget friendly and don’t contribute to any additional clutter.

Christmas - 4 Ways to Save Money and Avoid Clutter

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Day 1 – Give a Consumable Gift

Everyone loves to eat and drink! And the best part about an edible gift is that it is not a permanent item in the home. Once it’s consumed, it’s gone. Edible gifts range anywhere from $10 and up so this idea is budget friendly, too.

Ideas for Consumable Gifts

Idea 2 – Give the Gift of ‘Doing’

Another idea is to give the gift of activity. This is personally my favorite thing to give! Not only can you find a great deal within budget but this gift will never clutter up a home. Giving someone the gift of doing is a great way to give them something they’ll always remember!

Ideas for Activity-Based Gifts

  • For the stressed, give the gift of a massage! You can grab a good deal at the local massage school or check out Groupon for a bargain!
  • For the parents you know, search Groupon for a nice night out. Wine tasting, dinners, and more are all available.
  • Know anyone adventurous? There are activities for them too! Everything from city tours to theme parks to glass blowing is available. Check out Groupon or contact vendors for gift certificates.
  • Free: Do you have access to anything fun through work? I’ve got a lot of friends that get free tickets to sporting events, concerts at the local college, and more. If so, gift a set of tickets!

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Idea 3 – Give in their Name

Find a cause that your friend or a family member believes in and donate or give in their name. You can donate to charity or even sponsor an animal in a shelter or at a local zoo. Your compassionate friend is sure to love this!

Idea 4 – Give Your Time

A really great thing to do is to just spend time with people this holiday. Loved ones care more about you and spending time together than anything you could possibly buy them.

Ideas for Giving Your Time

  • Host a low-budget holiday party! Invite the crew over for an Ugly Sweater Party and have a few drinks at home instead of spending a lot of money to go out or on gifts. A low budget idea is to have a themed gift exchange like a $5 white elephant.
  • Host a pot-luck dinner and invite family or friends over for a holiday meal.
  • Grab some pals and go look at Christmas lights together.
  • And, as cheesy as it may sound, craft a coupon book for time with you. Include things like ‘Good for One Home Cooked Meal’ and ‘Admit One for Movie Night. Popcorn included!’

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I hope these ideas help you have a fun and low-budget holiday season! Remember, it’s not about how much you spend. Keep your money in your pocket and focus on what’s important: the booze and food. I mean friends and family!

If you have suggestions or recommendations, please comment below to share your advice!