2017 Blogger Recognition Award

So tinypresence was just nominated for a peer-to-peer award! Military Spouse on a Mission recently nominated me for the Blogger Recognition Award. This is an awesome peer recognition award and a great way to interact with other bloggers! If you haven’t checked out her blog before, please do so! She’s a stay at home momma and her hubby is in the Army.

The Blogger Recognition Award is a great way for bloggers to recognize each other and highlight each other’s blogs. Thank you, Military Spouse on a Mission for nominating me!

Rules of the Game:

When nominated for the award, you have to write a blog post where you:

  • Include who nominated you and a link to their blog.
  • Nominate 15 other bloggers for the award.
  • Write a story about how and why you started your blog.
  • Give new bloggers two pieces of advice.
  • Provide a comment on each nominees blog to tell them about the award with a link to this post.

How and Why I Got Started Blogging

So, I was sitting at my desk one day at work and I was bored out of my freaking skull. I had recently decided to start looking for a new job and I already had a resume and my portfolio website up and running. But, something was missing. I had the words to prove my experience and education as well as a carefully curated selection of work up for all potential employers to see. I started thinking about blogging. I mean, why not?! I could showcase my writing abilities, my photography and design talents, and more all in one cohesive brand, complete with social channels like Instagram and Twitter. Tinypresence is the perfect mesh of hobby, talent showcase, and marketing experiment all rolled into one never ending learn-a-thon!

Two Pieces of Kickass Advice

1. Just Do It

Oh, gawd, Nike… please don’t sue me. It’s just that you have kickass advice!

Seriously… I’ve recently been reading You are a Badass and one of the most solid pieces of advice in that book (along with the other 42 pieces) is that you should just go for it if you want to do it. If you want to start a blog about animal paw painting and what it means for the next art movement… do it! If you want to write about making crafts with ethically sourced fiber material… do it! The world will be better because of it and you’ll be better because of it. Trust me! Don’t be shy and get started now!

2. Network

Ugh, I know… It’s so BORING. Lies! Networking is so fun! Talk to everyone about your new adventure. Hand out your business cards. Join Facebook Groups like this one. Share the love and like other people’s posts, give other’s a follow on social, comment your brains out! It’s fun. Again… trust me!

My Nominations

So, if you follow tinypresence you know I am really into food, travel, decor, style, and finances! I have listed out some of my favorite blogs that specialize in these categories and found a few posts that do as well! Enjoy!

Food Blogs

Food Drinks Life

“Food Drinks Life is an extension of me. I want to talk to you about food. I want to share my food adventures with you. I want to talk drinks, alcoholic and non-alcoholic. But most importantly, I want to talk to you about life.” – Gem

Life of Plenty

“I’ve been a vegetarian for many, many moons and my recipes reflect the years of knowledge I’ve gained from this palate. I am passionate about healthy living and eating without compromising satisfaction.” – Ruth

Family Health and Wellness

A mom with a background in writing, nutrition, teaching, child and human development shares how she has lived with a serious chronic illness most of her life and how she manages it with diet.

Travel Blogs

Wandering Outside the Box

Winta has many odd interests and hobbies, but is especially fond of traveling. In life, she lets her heart and impulses guide her, and trust that her wandering will lead her to happiness.

Three Hundred Seventy Seven Miles

Shannon and Alissa are twenty-somethings living in the Sunshine State trying to make their dreams happen. They blog about travel and more!

This Big Wide World

“At just nine years old, I had the opportunity to have a homestay experience in Japan. It was this experience that instilled in me a curiosity about people and their stories. I have a passion for photography. I travel simply, to off the beaten path places usually with nothing but my camera and a carry-on. Whether you have the means to travel yourself or not, I hope that my stories inspire you to understand others, appreciate the small things and maybe help plan an adventure. Join me as I explore this big wild world!”

A to B Travel

Do you ever feel like you just need that little bit of inspiration to help you take the leap of travel? Amy will write to you in blog posts to share her knowledge and excitement for all destinations, while Ben Shares his passion of capturing the scenes and moments in each destination through photos and videos.

Magnets from Everywhere

“We have been collecting magnets from every place we’ve visited over the last 6 years and I am just dying to get my hands on some more! So the name of the blog is my goal: Get magnets from everywhere!”

Little Bird of September

Honeymoon Cruise: “If any of you are planning a wedding, I would recommend a cruise wedding 100%. Carnival offers many different wedding packages that appeal to your needs to help you create your dream wedding. I wanted to share with you guys some photos from our cruise!” READ MORE

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Decor Blogs

at Lane and High

On this site you will see all things home decor, DIY, staging to sell and anything else that makes life easier at home. Wendy’s goal is to make the home the most functional and beautiful place it can be to make life easier and more enjoyable.

Willow Design & Accessory

Stefanie Brown, owner and designer at Willow Design, says “Willow was created with a dream and a love for all design. It is my deepest desire for families to enjoy spending time together and to LOVE the space they are in! This is the driving force behind Willow. I believe it is my job to create beautiful spaces and your job to create memories.” Get home decor inspiration from this beautiful blog now!



Enjoy reading about this city girl lifestyle, experiences and overall journey. Lots of tips and tricks inside!

Holistic Mind Body Soul

This blog is for anyone who has been let down by traditional methods and would like to take charge of their own health and happiness. The topics discussed will simply help empower those who have forgotten how strong they actually are. Recover your authentic self, speak your truths, access your divine wisdom and find your true purpose.


As the Speerit Moves You

20 Ways to Have Fun This Summer without Breaking the Bank: “Summer is finally here and I am more than ready, are you with me? When you end up getting time off of school or work, it can be hard to find ways to occupy your time that don’t involve binge watching (and binge eating.) Lucky for you, I have done the work for you when it comes to planning an amazing summer, offering my insight on the best ways to spend your time!” READ MORE

Thanks for checking out tinypresence and this post! I hope you found some new blogs to check out. Have questions? Don’t be shy! Comment below.