EXPLORE: Road Trip 2017 – From New York to Dallas

It’s been awhile since I’ve had a really epic road trip! I’ve gone on some driving adventures, like the Road to Hana, and had a lot of travel fun, like Iceland 2016 and Caribbean Cruise 2017, but I haven’t been on the road covering serious ground in a long time. But that’s all changing this summer! My best friend and I will be driving from New York, into Canada for a second, and then through a ton of states to get back home to Dallas. Our route has some terrific stops along the way. Check out where we’ll be stopping on our road trip this summer and what we’ll be doing as we make our way home. Please give me any suggestions you may have in the comments below!

Road Trip 2017 - From New York to Dallas

First of all, why even fly to New York just to drive back to Dallas? That’s crazy! Well, my best friend heads up to New York in the summers to work and the rest of us take turns tagging along for the ride and adventure. After all, that aligns perfectly with my 16 ways to save money on travel! We’ll get to have an epic vacation and tons of fun along the way and it’ll be an inexpensive trip because she has to do it anyway!

So, without further ado, here’s the plan!

New York

Saturday – Monday

Skaneateles Shops

I’ll fly into New York. Rochester, to be exact! And my best friend is going to pick me up and drive me out to Syracuse. Me, her, and two other friends will spend the day together eating, drinking, and catching up! I think it’ll be a great escape from the Texas heat. I’ll spend all day in Syracuse with them and then we’ll all head to Geneva for lunch with even more friends!

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Niagara Falls


Tinypresence: Road Trip 2017 Day 4 - Niagara Falls, Canada

Best Friend and I will head out of New York State on Tuesday morning, hopefully after a nice breakfast. We’ll head out along I-490 to I-90 to I-290 and back to I-190 and over to Niagara’s Scenic Parkway. We’ll cross over into Canada to see the falls and stay the night. I’m super excited to finally step foot in Canada. They’re such wonderful neighbors but we’ve never met! Hopefully, we’ll have some good weather and maybe we can even check out a casino.

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Now I know what you’re thinking… Cleveland?! Hear me out! While I believe every city has something amazing to offer there’s one particular thing I want to see in Cleveland: the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.

So, we’ll head out of Canada and down I-90 towards Cleveland. During the 4 hour drive, we’ll see Lake Erie and pass through some a Pennsylvania. I’m sure we’ll find something to eat and a little trouble to get into along the way!

People usually spend about 3 hours at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, so I imagine we’ll crash in Cleveland for the night. Please let me know if you have any suggestions for hotels or food in the comments section!

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On Thursday we’ll get up, have breakfast, and hit the road for a five hour drive to Indianapolis. We’ll pass right through Columbus, Ohio (lunch?) and on into Indiana via I-70. The main attraction in Indianapolis is the Indianapolis Motor Speedway. Hopefully I can kiss the bricks before we have dinner and turn in for the night!

St. Louis


After a 4 hour leg, we’ll be in St. Louis. I imagine we might spend a little time here since we want to see the Gateway Arch, the Budweiser Brewery, the Courthouse, and eat (because that’s what we do!).

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Eureka Spring


Once we get up and out of St. Louis, we’ll head I-44 and then head south for about 5 hours towards Eureka Springs, Arkansas. I remember visiting Eureka Springs as a kid so I am excited to see the quaint town again. But, we’re even more excited about spending the night in the Crescent Hotel, a beautiful, old, and haunted hotel! Hopefully we can go in the super scary morgue and give the haunted cooler a whirl. Eek!



Ah, the motherland. Home sweet home, y’all. We’ll head south through the Ozarks, then a little west into Oklahoma, and then down to Dallas! I’m sure we’ll find something to get into… maybe stop for a minute in the Ozarks and definitely eat!

And That’s a Wrap!

And that’s the plan for Road Trip 2017! I am super excited to have this whirlwind vacation with my BFF. Please let me know if you have any suggestions or recommendations in the comments below!

And of course I’ll write lol about these adventures in August! Until then, I’ll just have to settle for a quick trip to Houston and July 4th in San Antonio to see Bush again.