REVIEW: El Gato Cate Café in Houston, TX

I recently went down to Houston for a short Memorial Day Weekend Getaway. I just wanted to see my parents for a bit, rest, and eat at some of my favorite restaurants. My mom and dad had quite the surprise activity lined up for me, though. We went and spent an afternoon with the adoptable cats at the new El Gato Cat Cottage in Houston and it was adorable and amazing! Check out how special this place is and how precious these adoptable cats are. I’m sure you’ll get a kick out of these cats (which are all adoptable from the Houston Humane Society).

El Gato Cat Cafe in Houston, TX

After hearing where we were headed, I could barely contain myself. I was so excited to go to my first ever cat cafe! Mom, dad, and I loaded up in the car and headed over to the Heights.

LOCATION: 508 Pecore Street, Suite A, Houston, TX, 77009

El Gato was easy to find and the building is absolutely charming with interesting architectural details and a fun color scheme. The facility has stairs and a stroller/wheelchair accessible ramp. Parking was a piece of cake!

We went inside and put our name on the list for the 6pm time slot. There are fees associated with El Gato but I think you’ll agree with me that it’s totally worth it! I mean… cats! AND COFFEE.


Prices as of June 27, 2017.

TIP: If you plan on going, make sure you book your time slot online! You can book a Cat Cottage Visit or a variety of other activities here. There’s everything from yoga with cats to cartoons with cats!

Refreshments: While we waited for our time slot, we enjoyed free coffee and vegan cookies (an additional charge) outside on the patio. If coffee and cookies aren’t your thing, you can also grab a soda, water, tea, or chips. Check out the current menu here.

El Gato Cat Cafe Art

Cat art for sale! Want.

Shopping: I also enjoyed looking around the shop. El Gato has everything from stickers to apparel to cat collars to cat themed art. You can shop the merchandise here to support their efforts!

El Gato Cat Cafe

The best spot in the place: The Cat Walk

Time for Cats: After signing a liability waiver and a brief introduction about how to treat the cats, we were in the cat cottage. The cottage is an absolutely brilliant temporary home for orphan cats seeking families. There are toys, treats, beds, cat trees, a cat walk, and clean (but hidden) litter boxes everywhere. We enjoyed an hour of cat time with 12 different adoptable cats, ranging in age from 6 months to 10 years old. I had an absolute blast petting and photographing cats of all ages and (maybe I am just hoping here) but I think my parents are interested in adopting a new feline friend now!


Squirrel (bottom) and her brother.

El Gato Cat Cafe

Isn’t he a handsome boy!


Daisy Mae, all tucked away!

MORE PICTURES: El Gato on Instagram

If you’re in Houston and you’re interested in supporting El Gato Coffeehouse or adopting a new feline friend, please visit their website!

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