EXPLORE: 7 Day Western Caribbean Cruise – Cozumel

The sixth day of my 7 Night Western Caribbean Cruise stopped in Cozumel. Being from the neighboring state of Texas, I’ve been to Mexico a handful of times but I have never spent a day in Cozumel. Check out what I did with only one day in Cozumel and what I did when my excursion was canceled!

EXPLORE - One Day in Cozumel

A Day at the Beach in Cozumel

Outfit: tank top / sporty swimsuit top / swimsuit bottom / Nike shorts / water shoes
Day Bag: sunscreen / bug spray / towel / flip flops / sunglasses / baseball hat / wallet (passport, ship card, ID, cash, credit card, and phone) / cable lock for bag

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This is probably the weirdest day of the entire cruise… my friend was sick and stayed on the ship and I had issues with a canceled tour!

Our tour was set to leave out of the Forum Shops so I split a cab with another group and met up with my tour guide. I then found out that the tour was canceled! The tour we had booked was to see Playa del Carmen, Tulum, and sea turtles. The Mexican government had recently stepped in and shut down the turtle area because tourists were being jerks and scaring off the turtles. I completely sided with the turtles/government on this and it was totally understandable why the observation area was closed down.

What do you do when the tour is canceled?

  1. To ensure you’re covered, be sure to book your tour with a reputable company like Royal Caribbean or through Orbitz.
  2. Keep your cool… jerks never come out on top!
  3. Discuss what your options are with the tour guide and your fellow group members.
  4. When a deal is agreed upon, get the tour company’s name if you do not have it, the name of the tour associate, and even a picture or recording of the guide stating that you will get a full refund.
  5. GO ENJOY YOUR DAY! Find another tour, go eat, shop, or beach. You’re on vacation so don’t let one little thing ruin your day.
  6. Call the booking company, like Orbitz, when you return home. They have fantastic customer service and they’ll be happy to help you out!

I was refunded $218 ($109 a piece). Orbitz verified the cancellation and credited my card in no time and I gave my sick friend (that wasn’t able to come anyway) her money back within a week! It all worked out and I guarantee you I had a better day than the angry mother in my group did.

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Back to my adventure…

So after my tour was canceled and I was walking down the street towards the shops a tour guide asked me what I wanted to do. I stopped and thought about it for a second and responded, “I want to… got to the beach!” He got really excited about a beach called Uvas and within a few minutes, he had sold me a ticket to this all-inclusive private beach. I took a cab out to the beach and when I arrived at Uvas, I paid the remainder of my discounted ticket price and grabbed a locker, ready to enjoy my day.

Uvas was absolutely fantastic! It was like being at a resort, minus the hotel and crowd. I spent the day snorkeling and swimming, lounging on the beach, and enjoying a free cocktail. The beach was so relaxing and quiet that I actually fell asleep for awhile. Talk about no stress!

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Once I was done relaxing, I got back in a cab. The driver was super nice and extremely proud of Cozumel! He told me all about the island and recommended a place for lunch. I had him drop me off so I could grab a burrito and try a Mexican beer.

After lunch, I headed back towards the port to do a little shopping. I looked around in all the shops, tried tequilas, and even found the perfect charm for my Pandora bracelet: a starfish bead with blue bubbles!

Cozumel turned out to be a great day! I started the day off with a speed bump but, with a good attitude, I was having fun in no time! I’m so glad that I was able to explore and relax on the beach. It’s just what I needed!

Are you headed to Cozumel soon? What do you have planned? Please comment below any tips or tricks you may have for Mexico! Feel free to share your stories and advice with other readers, too!

This post was updated January 13, 2018.