RICHES: Hustle and Earn Money on the Side

If you’re in a tight spot or you just want to pay off bills or get ahead financially, then you’re in the right place! I’ve been in rough situations before when I was first starting this whole adult thing. I’ve dealt with issues like having a sick pet and a broken down car and I got through them by supercharging my income. This list has 20 ways to earn money and you can get started on all of them today.


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Things To Do:

Here’s a list of things to do that could earn you more money on the side. Try one or a few and see how much you can increase your income this month.


If you’re good with kids you can watch other people’s kiddos to earn some cash quickly.

Pet Sit / Dog Walk

Likewise, if you’re good with animals you can make money by walking dogs or pet sitting while owners are on vacation or away.

House Sit

You can house sit for people as well. This is an easy way to earn extra money as the chores usually only include watching for packages, getting the mail, watering plants, and monitoring security.

Sell Online on eBay, Amazon, and Etsy

Do you have items around the house worth some money? You can auction off anything from car parts to jewelry on eBay, sell electronics and books on Amazon, and sell your crafts on Etsy.

Real life Example: 


Sell to Individuals

You can sell items quickly by using the 5miles app, Craigslist, and Facebook Yard Sale Groups, which is my favorite avenue for selling. Meet up with people cautiously and be careful about giving out your contact information and home address. You can also have a good old-fashioned garage sale!

Sell to Businesses

Sell items around the house to consignment stores, Half Price Books, and other local resale shops. DVDs, books, and CDs can bring in some quick cash. You can also sell gold and silver! This is a great option if you need money quickly whereas the other options might be better for a more profitable small sale.


Sell your services! Writing, photography, web design, and graphic design are in demand. Cash in by offering your services to others. Check out Upwork!

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Start your own Business

You can start up a small business and generate money on the side. You can become a wedding officiant, start a website, be a DJ, be a party planner, or a million other things! The sky really is the limit.

…Or Work for Someone Else

Snag a part-time job at a retail store or restaurant to earn extra cash. You can earn extra money as a seasonal associate at a retail store or work in the service industry.

Bonus Points: Get a part-time job at a store with an extra benefit. Some stores offer employee discounts. You could save money on your groceries, save money at a retail store that you have to shop at regularly, and more.

…Or Better Yet, Get a Better Job

I know, I know. It’s hard to get a new job. Spend time building the perfect resume, network like crazy on LinkedIn, showcase your abilities on a website and start applying. What’s the worst thing that could happen?

Become a Rep

There are a lot of opportunities to make extra cash by becoming a representative or brand ambassador. I have friends that do everything from sell Lipsense to Advocare to Mary Kay.

Become an Affiliate

You can become an affiliate with almost any site. You earn money when readers click your special links to purchase products that you try out, review, or recommend. One of the most popular sites is Amazon. Affiliate links don’t always have immediate results, though.

Cash Back Apps

Cashback apps are an easy way to earn up to a few dollars each time you shop! Use Ibotta or Checkout51 to earn after you shop.

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Be a Mystery Shopper

Be a mystery shopper on your smartphone and earn money while mystery shopping. Apps such as EasyShift are a great way to earn while you’re already out and about.

Be a Lyft or Uber Driver

If you love driving and are friendly you can earn money while giving other people rides. Lyft and Uber are for hire services in major metropolitan areas. You can earn up to $30 an hour!


Rent out your space on AirBNB to make extra money.

Get a Roommate

Get a roommate and share living expenses. It’s easy to find good roommates.

Sell Yourself

Umm, not like that. But you can sell your plasma and hair to the right buyer.

Scavenge for Money

Find money around the house. Check the car, couch cushions, old purses, jackets, and pant pockets for money. You can also cash in your change jar.

Sell Scrap Metal

You can make some money buy selling scrap metal like aluminum, iron, copper and more. You can also sell precious metals such as gold and silver.

Don’t Dos!

And finally, a short list of things not to do when you need extra cash.

Payday loan

Don’t ever take out a payday loan or a car title loan. Payday loans and title loans have absurd interest rates! Don’t be a sucker and fall for one.

Pawn Shop

You may as well sell it if you are considering pawning it. So many people can’t keep up with the payments that they lose the item they pawned. Also, you might pay MORE than the item is worth just to get it back.

Something You Might Regret

…and whatever you do, don’t do something you might regret later. Think long and hard about what you’re willing to do or give up before taking action.

And that’s it! Those are all things that I have tried or heard of to earn more money. What do you do to increase your income? Please share in the comments below.