EXPLORE: 7 Day Western Caribbean Cruise – Belize

The fifth day of my 7 Night Western Caribbean Cruise stopped in Belize. I had never been to Belize before and was excited to have a relaxing day in a new place! Our excursion we had planned was for cave tubing in an ancient Mayan area. Check out what I did with only one day Belize!

EXPLORE - One Day in Belize

Cave Tubing in Belize

Outfit: tank top / sporty swimsuit top / swimsuit bottom / Nike shorts / water shoes
Day Bag: sunscreen / bug spray / towel / flip flops / sunglasses / baseball hat / wallet (passport, ship card, ID, cash, credit card, and phone) / cable lock for bag

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We started the day out by taking a tender from the ship over to the port. The tender process took way more time than we thought and I’d like to take just a moment to apologize to all the people waiting in line that we slipped by to grab seats! But, we were going to miss out tour! Sorry!!!

When we got to port, we walked all the way to the end to find Terminal 4. Our tour was scheduled to leave at 9AM and we made it just in time! We were able to check in and head out pretty quick.

We took a pretty long bus trip across the entire country to get to the park. Just kidding, but it seriously took forever! We got a nice look at Belize and our guides told us about the history of the country.

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Once we got to the park, we stripped down to swimsuits and headed out to get helmets with miner’s lights and life vests before going on a one-mile mild hike through the jungle. Once we arrived at the river, we were given inter-tubes and the guides tied them together to make 10 person groups. We floated down the river and into the mouth of the cave!

Our tour guide swam and pulled us along while he told us about the animals in the area, the Mayan history with the caves, and pointed out formations in the rocks. The guide told us that the drips that fall from the roof of the caves are considered a blessing and it was fun to get a drop and be blessed!

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Once we were out of the cave, we were able to float in the river for awhile. We even got to get out of the tubes and go for a swim! I was a little worried about wildlife since I’m from Texas (where everything can kill you) but we did not see any wildlife the entire day.

When we were done with tubing, we headed back down the path and turned in our helmets and life vests. I grabbed a few beers from the bar and ate a lunch on the way back to the port. Not exaggerating… it was the best chicken and Caribbean rice ever! I don’t think I have ever had such good, cheap food!

I thought it was super interesting to see everything and it was a nice change of pace from being in the sun all day. The downside to this activity is that it is pretty crowded and it is hard to hear the guides in the caves.

We made our way back to the port with just a little bit of time left. Even though we made a straight shot for the tour desk when we arrived, we had seen some stores that we wanted to shop in. On the way back we were able to take about 30 minutes to pop in and buy a few souvenirs! I got myself a decorative tchotchke and found change-in-the-sun shirts for my friends!

Belize turned out to be such a relaxing day! I’m so glad that I was able to explore and try new activities with my gal pal.

Are you headed to Belize soon? What do you have planned? Please comment below any tips or tricks you may have for Belize! Feel free to share your stories and advice with other readers, too!

This post was updated January 13, 2018.