RICHES: 50 Things You Can Do To Save Money Now

We all want to save more money! Here is a list of 50 things you can do to save money now. You don’t have to do all of them at first but try starting out with a few and see how much more money you have each month. I think you will be surprised at the difference small changes make. Use the extra money you save to start a savings account, pay off debt, or to start investing.

RICHES: 50 Ideas to Save Money

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1. Stop coloring your hair.
2. Start getting simple haircuts.
3. Dress minimally.
4. Buy beauty products at CVS or Target instead of Sephora.
5. Stop getting your nails done or DIY.
6. Cancel your gym membership if you do not use it or. downgrade it.
7. Join Dollar Shave Club for great razors that are cheap.

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1. Buy store brand cleaning products.
2. Seal you windows.
3. Use a crockpot instead of an oven.
4. Fix water leaks.
5. Turn the air off. …or at least up.
6. Get energy efficient bulbs.
7. Shop for new insurance.
8. Shop for a new electric plan. Here’s a sign up bonus for TXU!

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1. Cancel all unused subscriptions.
2. Change your cell phone provider or plan.
3. Just because you can upgrade doesn’t mean you should.
4. Cancel your cable or downgrade it.
5. Do you even need home internet? I haven’t had it in 5 years!


1. Shop for new insurance.
2. Look for oil change coupons or do it yourself!
3. Watch for good gas prices.
4. Run all errands in one trip or on the way home from work.
5. Refinance high loans.
6. Get a cheaper car payment.
7. Walk or bike more.


1. Tone down the drinking. Two Buck Chuck is a life saver!
2. Stop eating out!
3. Shop with a grocery list.
4. Brown bag your lunch.
5. Shop specials at the grocery store.
6. Sign up for the store discount card.
7. Use coupons.
8. Don’t buy soda, alcohol, or bottled water.

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1. Consolidate loans to lower interest rates.
2. Take payment info off of shopping sites.
3. Wait 30 days for all major purchases.
4. Up your 401k to at least get the company matching.  This will lower your taxable income and you will get a match, or free money, from your employer.
5. Pay bills on time to avoid late fees.
6. Monitor your checking account to avoid overdraft fees.
7. Set up auto pay for interest rate discounts.
8. Do you even need life insurance?
9. Get a money saving or earning hobby! Or start something that costs less for more fun time.

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Having Fun

1. Learn to say NO to going out.
2. Find free things to do like going to the park.
3. Find good deals like free museum day or free festivals.
4. Head to the library for movies, books, and more.
5. Have fun nights in. Invite friends over for game night or a potluck dinner.
6. Stop smoking.

Extra: Increase Your Income

1. Sell unwanted items on Craigslist, eBay, and in Facebook Groups.
2. Open an Etsy shop.
3. Freelance.
4. Start a blog.
5. Provide a service: babysit, pet sit, repairs, and more.
6. Sell your broken gold and silver.
7. Get a second job.

Those are all of my ideas for saving more money each month. What do you do that saves you money? Please share in the comments below!

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