LIFE: Bush – 2017 North American Spring Tour

I’m a rock and roll kind of gal, through and through. I especially love 90’s Alternative and Grunge since it got me through my angsty teenage years. Middle school and high school would’ve sucked without it and I still rock out to it on Lithium, the SiriusXM channel for 90’s rock. I love everything from Veruca Salt to the Toadies to the Smashing Pumpkins to… Well, the list goes on and on! When I heard that Bush was touring and would be hitting up Dallas, I had to grab a ticket and the 2017 Bush North American Spring Tour was everything I thought it would.

2017 Bush North America Spring Tour

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I found out about the concert through suggested Facebook events and decided to check out the ticket options just for fun. The only available tickets were for general admission and for a special meet and greet package. After a bad day, and with some birthday money burning a hole in my pocket, I decided to spring for the meet and greet package. I figured after seeing them 3 times over the years that it was time to meet the band!

The concert tour started out on May 4, 2017 at Gas Monkey Live in Dallas, TX. I arrived around 3:30pm and got in line for my VIP Meet and Greet Experience. While waiting in line I was fortunate enough to meet some new friends! It was really great to meet more big fans like myself.

At around 4:15pm the staff came out and checked us all in. We signed some waivers and went inside, ready to meet the band! After a brief do’s and don’t’s talk from the staff, Corey, Robin, Gavin, and Chris came out!

Everyone got the opportunity to meet each band member of Bush and have a photo op. When it was my turn, I was warmly greeted by bassist Corey Britt. He was so sweet and gave me a hug while I exclaimed, “It’s so nice to meet you!” I then turned to the left and there was drummer Robin Goodrich who greeted me with a friendly smile and an “Oh, ‘ello!” I responded with my own “Hi! It’s great to finally meet you!” I absolutely loved hearing Robin talk!

I then turned to Gavin, my first crush. I fell in love with Gavin and his voice over 20 years ago and it was finally time to meet him. We both said hellos and as I hugged him I thought to myself, “This is it… It’s finally happening! …Is he wearing cashmere?! His shirt is so incredibly soft!”

I then finished my meet and greet by meeting Chris, which was amazing! Chris Traynor, now the guitarist for Bush, has been in a lot of bands I like such as Helmet.

After the meet and greets, I turned around inbetween Chris and Gavin for my picture, taken by On the List. (And just for the record OTL, the images are completely unacceptable quality. I’m very disappointed in the quality.)

Chris, me, Gavin, Robin, and Corey.

After I got my picture taken, I had a moment to have a small conversation with Gavin. What was said between us is private though so these lips are sealed! I will tell you that I was lost in his eyes for an eternity. It was completely surreal to see him, hug him, and get to have a conversation with him. I can honestly say I didn’t want to let go!

I turned around to leave the meet and greet and that’s when I saw Chuy, Gavin’s Pomeranian! I was able to pet him for a minute and he is absolutely precious! What a poof.

Before leaving, I got my swag bag which was filled with an autographed poster, guitar picks, and more.

I originally posted this picture to my personal Instagram which was later reposted on Gavin’s Instagram!

I then ran outside to put my bag in the car and then got back in line for the show. When they let us back in, I took a quick bathroom break and then headed to get a spot by the stage. I took a lot of things into consideration when picking my spot such as which way the stairs pointed and if there was a standing riser in front of the barricade. Gavin is known for interacting with the audience so I wanted to be close to a spot where he could potentially be.

The venue filled up and the opening act came onstage. A band called My Jerusalem opened for Bush. I had never heard of My Jerusalem before and they did what seemed like a pretty small set and finished with the lead singer out in the audience.

After a quick stage change, it was time for Bush! 

Picture by Jodi L. Robbins

Bush opened with a classic: Everything Zen. The band played a great mix of songs, both current and retro.

About 3/4 of the way through the set, Gavin put his guitar down and I knew it was time! He was about to get into the audience!

And Gavin did not disappoint. He descended the stage steps and turned left, disappointingly away from me. But then he touched hands and high fived down the audience line before stopping to perform. He climbed up on the riser right in front of me. While he was singing, I did what any 30-something woman would do. I gentle wrapped my arms around him while he sang.

I was in complete heaven! After waiting over 20 years, all my Bush dreams came true!

After about 20-30 seconds, Gavin proceeded to go back on stage to finish the set. Maybe I’m crazy and he recognized me from earlier or maybe it was coincidence… I’ll never know

Little Things wrapped up the set and the band left the stage. I was expecting an encore and, again, Bush didn’t disappoint! They wrapped up with a few of my favorites: Machine Head, the One I Love (cover from Woodstock ’99), Glycerin, and Come Down.

The complete play list from the 2017 Dallas Show. 

Even though there were a few mild hiccups in the performance, it was a great show and a phenomenal night! 

Thats me on the left!

So now I ask myself this: Should I go to the Houston, Austin, and/or San Antonio shows as well? Well, I’m thinking about it!

5/7/17 Update: Well, San Antonio is a go! On stage experience, here I come!

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