EXPLORE: 7 Day Western Caribbean Cruise – Honduras

The fourth day of my 7 Night Western Caribbean Cruise stopped in Roatan, Honduras. I had never been to Honduras or done any of the activities on the agenda so I was really excited to spend the day in a new place! We went zip lining, snorkeling, and had lunch on the beach. Check out what I did with only one day in Roatan, Honduras!

EXPLORE - One Day in Honduras

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Zip Lining and Snorkeling in Honduras

Outfit: tank top / sporty swimsuit top / swimsuit bottom / Nike shorts / water shoes
Day Bag: sunscreen / bug spray / towel / flip flops / sunglasses / baseball hat / wallet (passport, ship card, ID, cash, credit card, and phone) / cable lock for bag

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We started the day out by walking around the port and looking at the shops and crafts. Within steps of the ship, there were vendor carts filled with handmade jewelry and paintings and stores that sold everything from wine and spirits to fine diamond jewelry. We found it super easy to get around the small port!

At 9AM we headed out of the port area to where the excursion booths were located. We had pre-booked excursions through Orbitz since they seemed to offer more interesting stops than the ship line did. We checked in with Christopher Tours and soon Dario was escorting us through Roatan. He was absolutely amazing and took the time to talk about the History of Roatan and to point out interesting places and landmarks.

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Our first stop was Pirates of the Caribbean Zip Lining! I was so excited and scared to finally zip line! The staff there was super experienced and got us fitted into harnesses and helmets and then got us into a group with 5 other people. Would you believe everyone in our group just happened to be from Texas?! How fun is that? We got to have a great time with a couple from San Antonio, a group of friends from Houston, and we were representing Dallas. 

The team loaded us into a work truck Suburban and we were off! We drove up the side of the mountain and unloaded.

The first platform was definitely the hardest to deal with! It was really long and pretty steep… the tour guides split up at that point and 2 of them took off down the line. They were so crazy that everyone in the group was shocked! One went off upside down while the other went with just one side of his harness attached.

We followed one by one. I can honestly say that zip lining was super fun! I went down a total of 9 lines, most by myself but once attached to my friend and once with a guide.

After zip lining, Dario took us over to our next stop. We arrived at the beach where we would be snorkeling. The spot was simple but nice with loungers, tables, an outdoor patio bar, and restrooms. They even had a little monkey you could pet!

We relaxed a little until the snorkeling tour boats came back. Once we got out on the water it was adventure time again! We’d never been snorkeling so the couple from San Antonio gave us a quick crash course. I’m pretty sure that flippers were the most awkward thing I’ve ever done.

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Snorkeling was truly amazing! I saw sea fans and coral and a variety of fish and the largest starfish I have ever seen!

Once we got back to the beach, we ate lunch. We were served a plate of fried chicken and Caribbean style rice and beans. I love trying new beers so I had a few of the local brews as well!

Dario came back later in the afternoon and drove us back towards the port. He was so sweet and made sure that we enjoyed our day in Roatan.

Roatan was such an adventurous day! I’m so glad that I was able to explore and try new activities.

Are you headed to Roatan soon? What do you have planned? Please comment below any tips or tricks you may have for Roatan! Feel free to share your stories and advice with other readers.

This post was updated January 13, 2018.