NEST: How to Decorate your Home with your Travels

Traveling is so fun and freeing! Why not bring a little bit of it into your home? Check out these eight ideas on how to decorate with your travels and bring a little piece of your adventures into your home.

NEST: Decorate your Home with your Travels

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1. Hang up your Photographs

We all like to take pictures when we are traveling! Why not have some of your travel pictures printed and frame them? Travel pictures look great hanging on the walls and adorning bookshelves. They also make great conversation pieces.

I had my photographs from Iceland printed and I had them hung to make a statement piece in my bedroom. An epic trip deserves an epic presentation, don’t you think?

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2. Decorate with Tchotchkes

As you probably already know, I’m really big on not having any clutter in my home. This means that I do not buy decor and stuff from chain stores. Instead, I decorate with treasures and souvenirs I collect while traveling. I have a wonderful hand carved tiki from Maui, a decorative skull from Belize, and even a framed butterfly from the San Diego Zoo.

3. Stock the Bar!

Another great and useful souvenir is regional alcohol and spirits. Pick up a bottle of liquor at each destination and build a worldly collection of interesting spirits and beautiful bottles that all have a story to tell.  I picked up a bottle of vodka in Maui, a bottle of Brennivin in Iceland, and a limited addition vodka on my cruise to start my bar. I even have a few small bottles of liquor from my friends travels.

4. Buy a Book

If you ever find yourself in an iconic store or at a stunning art exhibit, pick up a book! Bringing home a book is a great way to delve deeper into a topic, decorate with a statement, and a great way to remember and revisit the location anytime you like. I’ve got a few books from traveling like Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children from Portland and a few art books from museums.

5. Coffee Cups Galore

I have a girlfriend that loves to get a new mug on each trip she takes. She’s got a very eclectic collection of mugs from all over the place.

6. Make a Map

Show case your travels and your crafting abilities with these cool DIY maps I found on Pinterest.

Or check out my favorite project here.

Beautiful DIY Travel Map

Found via rotkehlchens.

7. Buy Non-Traditional Souvenirs

Do you need a new shower curtain? How about a new set of stemware or dishes? One of my favorite glasses is from Iceland. It’s absolutely ridiculous and makes me smile every time I use it!

8. Make a Coffee Table Book

If you don’t have the wall space to hang up a ton of pictures, have a coffee table book made! This is a great way to revisit adventures and a fun way to present your photographs. There are a lot of companies that can make these for you and sometimes you can even find a discount deal on Groupon!

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Those are my eight ideas for decorating your home with your travels!  How do you decorate your home with travel photos and souvenirs that you collect? 

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