EXPLORE: 7 Day Western Caribbean Cruise – What to Pack


Oh, man! Am I relaxed! I just got back from a 7 day Western Caribbean Cruise with a gal pal! I was able to relax on board the ship and explore 3 countries including Honduras, Belize, and Mexico. It was really great to get away for awhile and relax! I was also able to do some activities like zip lining, snorkeling, cave tubing, sunbathing on the beach, and much more. Packing for a cruise was a little tricky because we had so many various activities planned! Check out what to pack for a 7 day Western Caribbean Cruise with this list I have compiled of clothing and gear needed for a seven-day vacation on the high seas! Everything listed below went in my suitcase and backpack.

EXPLORE: 7 Day Western Caribbean Cruise - What to Pack

What to Pack for a 7 Day Cruise

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Jean Jacket

(4) Tank Tops – Favorite Tank in Orange, Royal, Black, and Pink
(3) Swimsuit Cover Ups – Aloha Love Graphic Tank, Stripe Cover-Up, and Palm Leaf Cover Up
(4) T-ShirtsSimple Grey Tee, Graphic Tee, Stylized Black Tee, Navy Tee with Sparkles
(3) ShortsDistressed Jeans Shorts with Belt2 Nike Tempo Shorts
(3) Long DressesMaxi Dress, Wrap Dress, Long Skirt
(3) Short DressesTropical Dress, Little Black Dress*, Orange Linen Dress*

(1) Tennis Shoes – Nike Tennis Shoes
(1) Water Shoes – Drainers
(2) Sandals – Orange Sandals, Navy Sandals
(2) Flip Flops – Sparkle Flip Flops in Silver, Cheapy Flip Flops

Undies – 2 Black Nike Sports Bras, 3 Bras (1 Plunge, 2 Regular), Undies (Daily and Dress)
Socks – 4 Pair of Cotton Socks*
Sleep Clothes – Nike Tempo ShortsTank Top

Sexy Leopard Print Top
(2) Sporty Tops for Excursions 
(2) Black Swimsuit Bottoms
Tropical Bikini Set

Basic Make-Up – ELF FoundationRimmel PowderAlmay Amethyst Liquid EyelinerAlmay Black MascaraBareminerals Lip GlossELF Kabuki Brush
Basic Bathroom Supplies – Soap, Loofa, Facial Lotion, Facial Wipes, Razor, Deodorant
Oral Care – Mini Toothpaste, Electric Toothbrush, Floss
Eye Care – Contacts, Extra Pair of Contacts, Glasses, Contact Solution
Hair Care – Shampoo, ConditionerMini Not Your Mother’s Dry ShampooMini Hairspray, Hair Ties, Bobby Pins, Comb, Brush
Sun Care – Biodegradable Sunscreen, After Sun Care

Backpack – Jansport Backpack
Packing Cubes – 2 Packing Cubes
Bags – 2 Plastic Drawstring Bags (for Dirty Clothes)

Photography – Nikon Camera with Lens, Memory Card, Batteries and Charger
Electronics – iPhone, Earbuds, Charger

Paperwork – Passport with Holder, Printed Cruise Ticket Information, Printed Excursion Ticket Information, Printed Itinerary, State Driver’s License, Debit Card, Credit Card
Randoms – SunglassesEarplugs, Baseball Hat, 3 Bracelets*, Necklace*,  Bug SprayCable Lock for Bag

Tank Top and Nike Shorts

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What I Wore and When on My Cruise

Day 1 – Travel to Galveston via car from Dallas – $5 Day

Outfit: grey tee / Nike Capri Pants / Nikes

After breakfast, we had a full day of road travel from Dallas followed by checking in to the Liberty of the Seas. When we got on board, we had a quick lunch at the buffet, attended the mandatory safety drill, and went to the helipad to wave at Galveston as we set sail!

Outfit: navy sparkle tee / blue jean shorts / flip flops

After checking out the room and changing, we made our way to the Welcome Show with the Cruise Director, Comedian, and Shopping Guide and then went to dinner in the restaurant. I had the shrimp cocktail, cod with potatoes and vegetables, and the blueberry crumble. Yum!

Day 2 – Day at Sea – $0 Day

Outfit: black tee / denim shorts / flip flops

We started the day out with breakfast at the buffet and then went to a talk hosted by the shopping guide which was an absolute waste of time. Oh well! After the talk, we went down to the promenade and explored the shops. The onboard jewelry store gave away 1-carat sapphires and free champagne! I plan on getting my sapphire set into a sterling silver necklace pendant. We finished off with a pizza lunch before heading back to the room to change.

Outfit: swimsuit (leopard top and black bottom) / swimsuit cover up / denim shorts / flip flops

We had a great afternoon at the adults only pool and sunbathed, swam, and jumped in the hot tub. On the way back to the room we grabbed a snack from the coffee shop.

Outfit: maxi dress / jean jacket / orange sandals / necklace / bracelet

After a shower and a change, my friend and I headed to dinner. We took a bottle of wine (you can bring some with you but check with your cruise line first) and enjoyed dinner with our table mates. We ended the evening by catching the comedy show and then heading up to the dance club.

Day 3 – Day at Sea – $27 Day

Outfit: swimsuit (leopard top and black bottom) / swimsuit cover up / Nike shorts / flip flops

We started out the day by having breakfast at the buffet and then headed back to the pool! We had a great time catching some rays, relaxing, and watching the belly flop competition. One of the bars was selling rum-filled coconuts ($12 and totally worth it) and we just had to have some!

We took a break from the pool and had lunch at Johnny Rockets ($15). The burgers and shakes we so good!

After lunch, we headed back to the pool to catch a few more rays and relax before heading back to the room to take showers.

Outfit: graphic tee / Nike shorts / cheapy flip flops

We had a lot of time before dinner after we got cleaned up so we headed back to the deck to watch a movie. After that, we ran back to the room to change for dinner.

Outfit: blue dress / orange sandals

We finished off the day with dinner in the restaurant.

Day 4 – Roatan – $12 Day

Outfit: tank top / sports bra / swimsuit bottom / Nike shorts / water shoes
Day Bag: sunscreen / bug spray / towel / flip flops / sunglasses / hat / wallet (passport, ship card, ID, cash, credit card, and phone)

We started the day out in the port. We walked around and looked at the shops and crafts before heading out. My friend and I spent the day zip lining, snorkeling, and hanging out at the beach. We had a great lunch on the beach and got to try some local beers, too ($7). I even got to pet a monkey!

Our driver was great and gave us a tour and some history of Honduras on the drive ($5 tip).

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When we got back on the ship, we just headed to the pool. I threw on a coverup and we napped by the pool and took a dip in the hot tub. We finished off the day with a quick dinner at the pizza place.

Day 5 – Belize – $72 Day

Outfit: tank top / sports bra / swimsuit bottom / Nike shorts / water shoes
Day Bag: sunscreen / bug spray / towel / flip flops / sunglasses / hat / wallet (passport, ship card, ID, cash, credit card, and phone)

We got up and, while my friend was in the shower, I ran and got our tender tickets and then got dressed. We grabbed breakfast at the buffet before heading out. When we got to Belize we took a short walk to our tour check-in and we were off! Our tour gave us a great tour and talk on the way to our adventure: Cave Tubing! We even got to go for a swim in the river before returning to the bus. I grabbed some street food to go ($5) and a couple of beers ($7) before getting back on the bus.

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When we got back to the port, we had about 20 minutes to do some shopping. I found a really cool decorative Mayan inspired skull ($30) and picked up 2 shirts ($30) for gifts before tendering back to the ship.

Outfit: black tee / denim tee / flip flops

After a quick shower, we headed to dinner at the buffet. We wrapped up the night with a cup of coffee at the coffee shop and some reading.

Day 6 – Cozumel – $24 Day

Outfit: tank top / sports bra / swimsuit bottom / Nike shorts / water shoes
Day Bag: sunscreen / bug spray / towel / flip flops / sunglasses / hat / wallet (passport, ship card, ID, cash, credit card, and phone)

After breakfast at the buffet, I headed off the ship and into Cozumel. Our tour was set to leave out of the Forum Shops so I split a cab with another group over there ($3). I met up with my tour guide and found out that the tour was canceled! I just want to point out that this kind of thing happens and there are two options: get a refund and enjoy the day or sulk and waste the day. I chose to get a refund (which was great for my sick friend that couldn’t even come!) and then go wing the day (+$109)! As I was walking down the street towards the shops, a tour guide asked me what I wanted to do. I thought about it for a second and responded, “I want to… got to the beach!” He sold me a ticket to an all-inclusive private beach ($7) and I took a cab ($12) out to the beach. When I arrived at Uvas, I paid the remainder of my discounted ticket price ($7) and grabbed a locker ($5). I spent the day snorkeling, swimming, lounging on the beach, and enjoying cocktails ($Free!).

Once I was done relaxing, I got back in a cab. The driver recommended a place for lunch so I had him drop me off so I could grab a burrito and beer ($20). After lunch, I headed back towards the port to do a little shopping. I looked around in all the shops, tried tequilas, and even found the perfect charm for my Pandora bracelet: a starfish bead with blue bubbles ($70)!

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Once back on the ship, I checked on my sick friend and grabbed a shower. I decided to get dressed up and enjoy the evening while my poor friend recovered.

Outfit: blue wrap dress / sandals

I hit the casino and played slots before heading to dinner. At dinner, I ordered a glass of wine ($12) to go with my lobster and steak dinner. I finished off my evening with a cup of coffee and dessert with some light reading.

Day 7 – At Sea – $2 Day

Outfit: grey tee / blue jean shorts / navy sandals

My friend was still a little sick, so I headed to breakfast by myself and then to trivia where I met a lot of new people. After trivia, I headed back to the casino to play a few games and enjoy a couple of $1 mimosas. I ran into some trivia friends on my way out of the casino and ended up having a nice salad lunch with them! We had a lot in common and it was really fun to meet new people. After lunch, I headed back to the pool.

Outfit: swimsuit (leopard top and black bottom) / swimsuit cover up / flip flops

I enjoyed a nice, relaxing afternoon on the sun deck tanning and reading.

Outfit: black tank top / watercolor skirt / jean jacket / navy sandals / necklace / bracelet

My friend was much better so we got dressed and went to Up in the Air, the aerial show onboard. It was… interesting, to say the least. I’m still a little confused about the pirates on the swinging rock in a net while “Eat the Rich” was playing… but whatever! It was free. After the show, we enjoyed some live guitar playing and wine before heading to dinner. After dinner, we caught another movie on deck.

Day 8 – Back in Galveston – $110 Day

Outfit: graphic tee / jean shorts / Nikes

We woke up and had breakfast after showers and packing up all our stuff. Our room attendant was so nice that we left him a thank you card and a combined tip. Once we got off the ship, we had to make it through customs. We had a nice lunch with my parents ($100 for 4 people) in Galveston before heading back to Dallas.

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FASHION TIP: Everything I took with me was bright or bold colors and denim. I did this so no matter what I wore it coordinated! The most important piece of advice I have is to have safe footwear and versatile clothing. *Denotes that I did not wear, but I am glad I had it with me!

I hope this list helps you pack efficiently for your trip! Remember, you can always shop on the ship and at the ports. Save travels!

If you have suggestions or recommendations, please comment below to share your advice!

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