EXPLORE: San Francisco – One Day in the Bay of Northern California

I recently had the opportunity to visit a good friend in Northern California (and we all know this is in line with my advice on traveling cheap!) so I booked a flight and headed out! When in California I was able to spend a day in Big Basin and I was able to spend one day in the bay of Northern California – San Francisco! While I didn’t get to do everything I wanted to do, I got to see and do a lot! Check out what I did.

One Day in San Francisco

First Stop: Breakfast at Donuts and Things

If you know me at all or read my blog regularly you know I LOVE donuts! I’ve tried them from Portland to Iceland and San Francisco was another opportunity to try my favorite breakfast delight.

We ended up finding a small donut shop that my friend had never tried and we tried a classic glazed donut, a chocolate glazed donut (a simple but all time favorite), and an apple fritter. It was fun to start the morning with my favorite food!

Second Stop: Golden Gate Bridge and Crissy Field

After a quick Lyft, we were at Crissy Field! This park was pure joy for people watching… everyone was so active and were enjoying activities like kite flying, jogging, bike riding, and playing with their dog. 

We enjoyed some picture time and a nice elongated view of the Golden Gate Bridge before we started walking along path away from the bridge.

Third Stop: Pier 33 to Alcatraz

We jumped back in a Lyft, and headed over to Pier 33 where we bought some water and picked up our tickets for Alcatraz. After a quick ferry ride, we were on the island that houses the prison.

We enjoyed the audio tour and I highly recommend it! The tour was guided by the voice of an actual prison guard and featured quotes, interviews, and stories from prison guards, inmates, and people who had lived on the island.

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Fourth Stop: Franciscan Crab Restaurant 

We were absolutely starving after the tour of Alcatraz so we walked up to Fisherman’s Wharf and decided to eat some crab based dishes at the Franciscan. We had the crab dip (pictured above) as well as crab sliders. I liked the style of this restaurant a lot! It had a retro vibe inside and there was an antique car parked outside when we arrived. The view of the water was really nice and we even saw two sea lions pop their heads up!

Fifth Stop: Fisherman’s Wharf 

After we got a little food in us, we walked around Fisherman’s Wharf and took in the sites. We stumbled upon a wine tasting bar and enjoyed a flight of California wines.

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Sixth and Seventh Stops: Bar Hopping! 

We had a little bit of time before our reservation at House of Prime Rib so we found a few more wine bars around the area and went bar hopping. I was able to try a variety of California wines and see a little more of the city and architecture while walking around. 

Final Stop: House of Prime Rib 

Tinypresence - House of Prime Rib

To finish of the day in San Francisco, my friend and I enjoyed a nice dinner at House of Prime Rib. I enjoyed the lighter cut with mashed potatoes and cream corn while he tried the prime rib with mashed potatoes and cream spinach. I was also pleasantly surprised that they had one of my favorite wines available: Veramonte!

So that was my whirlwind day in San Francisco! I got to see a little bit of the city, taste a variety of foods, and see some major sights and attractions. All in all it was a great day!

Have you spent a day, a few days, or live in San Francisco? What would you recommend for a great day? Comment below or use the contact form to have your advice featured!

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