EATS: Whole 30 Conclusion – Now What?

So, now I’ve completed my thirty days of the Whole 30 plan! My Whole 30 conclusion is that I slept better, lost a little weight, and ate healthier. I was also reminded how easy it is to meal plan.

Whole30 Conclusion

Check out what I learned, what I would do different, and links I have for what I ate and when!  I’ve got a complete listing of food and pictures available.

Why I Did Whole 30:

Like everyone, I don’t eat healthy all the time. After all, I really love food! And wine! But I believe it’s important to stay vigilant about my health and fitness. I did Whole 30 again to remind myself how easy it actually is to meal plan and cook healthy.

The Hardest Part of Whole 30:

The hardest part of the Whole 30 program for me was working with the restrictions of the program and the company culture at my 9-5. As a team, we bond a lot over company lunches and sometimes my amazing coworkers bring in breakfast donuts and snacks to enjoy. For 30 days I had to eliminate the office pastas, pizzas, and donuts from my diet. The way I dealt with this challenge was that I never voiced my diet restrictions to my friends and coworkers, I simply enjoyed what I could with the team. I also kept my eye on the prize which was a promise to myself!

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The Benefits of Whole 30:

If you can make it through that first (awful) week, you will start to notice clearer skin. You will also start to sleep better. And once you start to sleep better you start to wake up easier in the morning! If you’re like me, you’ll also lose weight. By eliminating fast food, soda, and sugar you will see a change in your weight quickly.

I Saved Money on Whole 30:

I saved money while on Whole 30. My groceries normally cost me about $50 every week for one person and on the Whole 30 program they run me about $50-$60. I actually saved money during Whole 30 because I didn’t go out to eat as often and I didn’t drink soda or alcohol! I only ate out at Chipotle or Jason’s Deli.

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What I Would Have Done Different:

The last time I did Whole 30 I was more active and going to the gym. The next time I do Whole 30, I plan to be more active.

Check Out What I Ate and When:

Get ideas on what to eat and when by checking out my weekly breakdowns. All 30 days of what I ate and when, complete with pictures, are posted here weekly! 

Week 1 – Check out how I did on Week 1!
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Week 4 – I did it! See how I finished up Whole 30.

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Have you done Whole 30? Do you have any advice or tips for people who are new to the program? Comment below to share advice!