EXPLORE: 7 Best Places To Spend Your Time In Cape Town

Cape Town is a coastal city of south Africa and is the second most populated area, the first being Johannesburg. The city is famous for anchorage and for many natural scenes. It also has many spots to witness the best sunrise and sunset scenes. Two of its most famous points are Table Mountain and Cape Point. Much immigration towards this city and the amounts of visitors who annually visit this place contributed in making this city multicultural to a very large extent. It has been considered the best place to visit by well-known magazines like the New York Times and The Daily Telegraph. The city was built initially by Dutch East India Company for the purpose of little stay before moving towards East Africa and different countries of Asia. Soon the city grew and outperformed its previously implied functions. The city has a warm climate in summer and wet in winters. The city has the highest level of biodiversity as compared to any other city in the world. Twenty-two hundred species are found on Table Mountain alone, which is far greater than the total amount of species found in Great Britain which is 1200. The city is divided into many famous points like Atlantic Seaboard, West Coast, Northern Suburbs, Southern Suburbs and South Peninsula. Here is a list of seven best places to visit in Cape Town.

EXPLORE: 7 Best Places to Spend Your Time in Cape Town

Sightseeing Bus Travelling

Double-Decker red Sightseeing buses are used in many countries to introduce the tourists to the sights of different areas and helping the tourist to choose different places for through visit. This is not an exception in Cape Town. One can easily get a bus ticket or can book it online with ease. The bus goes to all the important areas of the city with the travel guide in more than sixteen languages, what you just need to do is just put on a headphone, enjoy the sights and discover for yourself which places to visit and which not.


Old School Movie Viewing at the Labia Theatre

Labia theatre is present on Orange Street and was built by Queen Labia in early twentieth century. In this theatre, you can still sit on the terrace and drink a wine or also you can take it to the cinema inside and enjoy watching a movie. The building on the Orange street mostly features old movies attracting hipsters. People are also attracted towards this theatre because it offers slightly low priced tickets as compared to those commercial cinemas.

Sweet and Palatable Indulgence at Earth Fair Market

This market is full of hidden earthly gems and takes place every Thursday in St Georges Mall from 11 am to 2 pm. This market attracts visitors from all over the Cape Town, especially vegetarians. People who visit this place some of them order Mexican food, some homemade fudge and others order pure vegetarian eating. Those who are already filled do not refrain from vegetarian shopping.


Creativity and Culture at Bay Harbor Market

The multifarious Bay Harbor Market is the center of attention for kids, adults and old people as well. This market offers a variety of things like art, crafts, and fashion styles along with the delicious aromas of different cooked foods. If you are looking for discount on any of these items it is available at Groupon, for more discounts at Groupon use these coupons. This market is based in an old fish factory and it is a perfect expedition for rainy days.


Café Caprice in Camps Bay

It is located on a beach and is both bar and café and is very famous in the vicinity of local Camps Bay Strip where roads are lined with long palm trees and the presence of white sand makes it heavenly. This is a spot mostly visited by elite class and one must keep in mind when he turns to Caprice café and sits down to eat something, he will obviously be sitting line by line with some legend.


Mount Nelson High Tea

This place is also a place of legends and one does not have to be invited as a guest to enjoy the charms of this place. Their famous tea is blended with six infusions accompanied by a mouthwatering selection of canapés which follow the dark chocolate cake.


Lions Head Hike

Lions Head hike is a free thing to do costing you only a packet of chips and a bottle of water. This place is very famous among visitors and locals. You can see enchanting views in all directions without any obstacle in sight from this second most iconic mountain in Cape Town. The journey riding the mountain only takes an hour and a half if you are moving slowly but the view one sees after the journey is worth it. Night time spectacle is fascinating because one can see the whole city in the form of little burning lights with the presence of moonlight.

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