EXPLORE: 15 Reasons Why I Like to Travel Solo

Have you ever thought about taking a trip by yourself? Or maybe you had plans to go on a vacation with a friend and they’re backing out. Well, there are a lot of great reasons to pack up and take a trip by yourself! You can try new things, face new challenges, and relax the way you want to on your schedule and budget. Check out 15 reasons why I enjoy traveling solo. Be sure to add your own experiences and stories in the comments section.

1. When I’m ready to go I don’t have to wait on anyone else.

The bigger the group, the longer it takes to get out of the hotel room and start enjoying the day. When I travel by myself I can get up, get dressed, and get going without having to wait on anyone else.

2. I always get first dibs on the hotel bathroom!

I’m first in line when I arrive at the hotel or get up in the morning! It’s nice to not have to wait on anyone else to get out of the shower and take up time in the bathroom. I can shower when I want and for as long as I like!

3. I never get in an argument about what to have for dinner.

When I travel I like to try new foods that are local to the area. I can be as adventurous or as low key as I like when traveling alone. Being alone allows you to try as many or as few local treats as you like.

4. A table for 1 is always faster than a table for a group.

True story. You can always get a table for one or a spot in the bar faster than a table for four or six. And as far as my experience goes, your order comes out faster, too!

5. I never have to be on anyone else’s time or eating schedule.

And they don’t have to be on mine! It’s great to make a quick stop and enjoy a view or grab a snack and not have to worry about bugging anyone else in the group. Anyone that ever travels with me knows how often I’m hungry!

6. I can be as clean or as messy as I want to be in the room.

A small point but a valid one. I can keep my things neat and tidy like I do at home or I can relax and not worry about it. Clothes on the chair, towels on the floor, camera bag on the bed… Who cares! I’m rollin’ solo!

7. Deviating from original plans doesn’t upset anyone.

When I’m traveling by myself and I see an event going on, stumble upon a festival, hear live music, or hear about a great local something from a resident, I can deviate from my original plan and check it out!

8. I can enjoy something for as long as I want.

I’ve had moments on solo vacations where I enjoyed something for an extended amount of time. Once I sat in the Philadelphia Museum of Art and stared at a Van Gogh forever. I had a lengthy, opulent dinner by myself with an ocean view once. I spent a good thirty minutes with the tigers at the San Diego Zoo! And I loved every second of each.

9. No one has to keep up at my pace.

When I’m on a mission, no one has to keep up with me and when I am slow-poking around no one has to slow down for me.

10. No one gets frustrated with my photography stops eating up time.

I love shooting! Sometimes I like to pull over, stop, and shoot. Sometimes I take the same image 15 times because the weather is changing or an animal is moving. I love shooting when I am by myself because I can focus on my passion and not on hurrying up.

11. I can meet new people and learn new things.

When you travel by yourself you can talk with other tourists, learn about the area from locals, and make new friends. Instead of turning to a friend and asking “What are you going to order?” you can strike up a conversation with the waitress and ask what she suggests and then, more than likely, she’ll be interested in sharing her suggestions for other activities in the city.

12. I can relax the way I want to.

I can relax by reading in a park or local cafe, soaking in the tub at the hotel, or by having a glass of wine at the hotel bar.

13. If I don’t like something, I can leave.

If something isn’t going the way I thought it would (bad weather, bad vibe, bad food), I can leave! I don’t have to tough it out or hang around if I don’t want to.

14. I stay on my budget.

When I am traveling solo I can stay on budget better than when I travel with friends. I love a great opportunity for experience but when I travel alone I can keep things cheaper by eating at the hotel or condo, keep shopping to a minimum, and stay on track with planned itineraries.

15. I’m forced to face challenges by myself.

How do I get around this city? I don’t have cell phone service… Where can I walk for lunch? I have to ride what train to which stop to grab what car service?! Traveling alone makes you face challenges and makes you a stronger person.

Why do you like to travel solo? Did I miss something? Leave a comment below to share your experiences!

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