EXPLORE: Liam Barrett from Great Lost – Australia

The Great Lost is a travel website that shows the best travel images and articles. Liam Barrett shares multiple articles and information about Australia and Sydney to help you plan your trip and enjoy your time in Australia.

Explore Australia

4 of Australia’s Most Beautiful Views

Read about 4 of the most beautiful views in Australia. Liam shares his 4 top picks here on Great Lost.

7 Best Camping Locations in Australia

Love to camp? Love Australia? The 7 best camping locations in Australia are shared here. Read wht Great Lost has to say about camping out down under!

4 Moments Every Sydneysider should Never Miss

If you call yourself a Sydneysider and you haven’t experienced all of these iconic and enriching life moments, then you’re just kidding yourself. The best life moments are the ones that are gone in an instant so if you find yourself in Sydney this summer, be sure to experience these amazing moments before they’re gone.

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