STYLE: Fall 2016 Trends and Styles for Women

What’s going to be hot this Fall? Think curls, reds, velvets, boots, jewels, and bags galore. The name of the fashion game this fall is femininity. Get ready to embrace your own style in your own way with these 5 style tips. I’ve already cleaned out my closet and I’m ready!

Fall Fashion 2016

Hair Trends: the best styles to try

According to Rebecca Fearn over at Glamour Magazine: “This Autumn/Winter 2016, it’s all about curls, cool cuts and ultra intricate, pretty hair accessories. The season as a whole is all about embracing your beauty and what works for you. Be it naturally curled hair or shaggy 70’s style texture, individualism is a big part of hair and beauty for AW16.”

Fashion Trends: velvet, red, & femininity

The Daily Star reports that “we are still living it big, but the styles are much cleaner. Now the ’80s are back, along with their explosive silhouettes. The highlights of this season: Victorian-era styles are a big theme, with a focus on the collar and ruffles, lapels, ribbons and bows, giving a new stylish look and keeping us warm as temperatures start to drop.” Velvets, red, and furs are going to be huge.

Shoe Trend: the fall ankle boot trend to wear

Megan Gustashaw at Glamour reports that second-skin boots are a trend she’s seen on the runway recently, so it’s not entirely surprising that they’ve surfaced in fashion. Rendered in dressier materials and cut higher than your average bootie, they have of way of bringing a sexy enough outfit to a more fabulous place. And, not for nothing, they’ll also keep your toes warm when the temperature starts to drop.

Purse Trends: styles galore

According to Vogue, the fashion shows are predicting bags hugged to the hip, laundry-inspired bags were worn over the shoulder, and satchel bags were carried across the body. Meanwhile, the Seventies saddle bag showed no signs of dropping off the radar.

Jewelry Trends: 10 of the season’s biggest jewelry trends

From big and bulky to tiny and sleek, check out the 10 of the season’s biggest jewelry trends in this slideshow from Stylecaster.

So what did I get? My own style is more important to me than following a trend. I opted for the ankle boot in a black leather rock-n-roll style, leather leggings, and delicate sparkles for jewelry. My purse is a handheld clutch with a bow and my clothing is black, grey, or merlot. I don’t like big bags or velvet so you won’t see any of that on me this year! Make these trends work for you!