EATS: Whole 30 Introduction and Overview

I’m sure you’ve heard about Whole 30 by now. It’s flooding Pinterest and Instagram with recipes, food photos, and ideas on how to eat healthier and live better. But have you ever thought of doing it yourself? Maybe you should!

Whole 30 is a great way to relearn how to eat healthy and the perfect time to reset your entire body. The program will make you cut back on sugar, processed foods, dairy, grains, and more, which can all lead to health problems. You’ll feel more energized, sleep better, and eat less, too. If you’re interested in changing your eating habits for life, read on and join Whole 30 with me!

Whole 30 Introduction

Why I Do Whole 30:

Like everyone, I don’t eat healthy all the time. After all, I love food! I learned about Whole 30 from a coworker and decided to give it a try along with the new workout program I had started. Whole 30 retrained me to eat properly and to be more conscience of what I am putting into my body. I knew I wasn’t eating properly the first time I did the program and I felt like an entirely new person after I completed 30 days of whole foods! Now I challenge myself to complete a Whole 30 at least once per year to remind myself how to eat healthy and hearty. Whole 30 also allows you to practice a good deal of restriction which is good for the spiritual path some people are on! Why do you want to do Whole 30?

How Do You Survive 30 Days?!

The best pieces of advice I have for anyone interested in doing Whole 30 is to meal plan and to have a support group, or at least supportive friends. Meal planning allows you to prepare food before you need it and to think ahead about what your needs are. Are you going out for errands? Pack some almonds! Are you headed to work? Pack a lunch! Also, make sure you do your first Whole 30 with a supportive group of friends. You can join a Facebook Group or do the program with friends or a coworker. At the bare minimum make sure you tell your friends you’re doing this and that you’d love their support! How can you set yourself up for success?

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What are the Benefits?

If you are interested in the Whole 30 program, you should definitely give it a try! There are some hard things to give up (like wine!) but it’s worth it. Coffee and soda are hard to quit but after awhile you will start sleeping better and it is easier to wake up in the morning. Healthy foods also mean more energy and less stomach troubles. You may even see your skin clear up! Can you do without? It’s only 30 days!

Is it Expensive?

My groceries normally cost me about $50 every week for one person and on Whole 30 they run me about $50-$60. I actually save money during Whole 30 because I don’t go out to eat as often and I don’t drink! I only eat out at Chipotle or Jason’s Deli. Are you ready to drop some weight and save money, too?

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What I Eat:

There’s a list of foods that you are permitted to eat and a book full of recipes! But… I’m kind of lazy when it comes to researching, cooking, and balancing all this so I eat very simply: meat, eggs, vegetables, fruit, and some nuts. I usually eat fruit for breakfast, a salad for lunch, fruit and almonds for a snack, and meat with a vegetable or two for dinner. Sometimes I even have a nice, large breakfast for dinner! What would you want to try?

Check Out What I Ate and When:

Get ideas on what to eat and when by checking out my weekly breakdowns. All 30 days of what I ate and when, complete with pictures, are posted here weekly! 

Week 1 – Check out how I did on Week 1!
Week 2 – Look at all the great, real food I ate in Week 2!
Week 3 – Read about what I ate during Week 3!
Week 4 – I did it! See how I finished up Whole 30.

You can also follow me on Instagram if you’d like to keep up with me and what I’m eating and doing!

Have you done Whole 30? Do you have any advice or tips for people who are new to the program? Comment below to share advice!