NEST: 7 Reasons to Live Small and Downsize

Living small has a lot of benefits including saving money and having more time. I’ve really enjoyed my small home in the city! Since I have moved I have saved money to travel, invested more, and had more free time. I also live closer to vibrant neighborhoods, fun restaurants, and multiple bars!

7 Reasons to Live Small

Easier to Maintain

A smaller home has less to keep up with. It’s a lot easier to keep up with one project than it is three. It’s also cheaper to replace smaller appliances than it is house sized ones. Better yet, it’s fantastic to eliminate projects all together. When I moved into my condo I gave up my yard, freeing up hours and money each week!

Less Time to Clean

You’ll free up more of your time by cleaning less. This is a fact. I once had a house and every weekend was spent cleaning and doing yard work. Now that I am in a small 1/1/1 condo I can clean the entire place in just a few hours allowing me more fun time on weekends!

More Ecological

A small space uses less energy. You are heating fewer rooms, cooling a smaller refrigerator, and using less light. Since I have moved into an urban setting I have more access to different power plans from different providers and I also have access to recycling centers.

Less is Actually More

You’ll have less room so the things you have will have more meaning. Fewer walls and square footage means less decorating, less storage, and less stuff to weigh you down.

More Free Money

A smaller place should cost less, freeing up more money! Mortgage payments vary depending on many different factors. For me, downgrading from a 3/2/2 house to a 1/1/1 condominium freed up about $600 a month. That’s $7,200 a year! If you are renting, try downgrading your apartment size or quality to save money.

Less Expensive to Live Comfortably

Smaller homes are less expensive to maintain a comfortable lifestyle in. Insurance, taxes, water, and electricity bills are smaller and more consistent than that of a larger home. It’s a lot cheaper to cool a 650 square foot apartment than it is a 2000 square foot house.

I Feel Safer

My new home has less entry points than my previous home did. This makes me feel safer immediately. My previous house had at least 15 entry points including doors and windows. My current home has 1 because I live up above the first floor.