EXPLORE: 5 Articles to Help You Plan Your Trip to Maui

Aloha! I recently went to Hawaii to celebrate my mom and dad’s 40th wedding anniversary with my family! Read all about how I packed, what we did, and what we ate while visiting the beautiful island of Maui. All of my articles include suggestions, photographs, and shopping links. Enjoy!

5 Articles to Help You Plan Your Trip to Maui


What to Pack for May – Read how to pack for 4 days in Maui with nothing but a backpack! This article feature a packing list and breaks down what I wore, when, and what I was doing complete with shopping links.

What to See and Do – Check out the 7 things I did in Maui and 10 additional ideas I have for first time visitors. I have suggestions for outings, adventures, dining, and more.

The Road to Hana and Beyond – Read about the 11 stops I did on the Road to Hana! Check out all of my pictures and tips on where to find bathrooms, how to stay safe, what I ate, and where great photo opts are.

What to Eat and Drink – If you’re like me you love to try local foods when you travel! Check out what I ate and where. I added in a list of 8 foods to try and a list of 10 restaurants to eat at.

10 Gift Ideas: Shopping in Lahaina – Read about 10 Hawaiian gift ideas for friends and family that you can buy while shopping in Lahaina. Some of the ideas are great for souvenirs for yourself, too!

Thanks for stopping by! I hope all of my articles help you plan your next adventure to the beautiful island of Maui. Mahalo!