EXPLORE: Maui – 10 Gift Ideas: Shopping in Lahaina

When visiting a new place I love to eat local food, try new drinks, immerse myself in culture, and shop for keepsakes! I love to bring back fun items for family and friends so that they can hear about my adventures and experience a little bit of my destination, too. I also love to bring back an item for my home to be reminded of my trip and to start conversations with visitors and friends.

Maui - 10 Shopping and Gift Ideas

Check out a my list of ten ideas of fun souvenirs to bring home from Lahaina! Your friends and family are sure to enjoy any of these ideas. You may even want to bring these items back for yourself!

1. Local Sweets and Treats

One fun thing to bring back from a trip is something fun to eat. Hawaii has a lot of macadamia nut candies and pineapple candies that are sure to be a hit upon your return. My friend was so happy that she actually hugged a bag of soft pineapple chews!

2. Jewelry

Kukui nut jewelry is an inexpensive and fun souvenir to buy for friends and family. I also bought myself an adorable set of silver flower earrings in Lahaina and even found a pineapple charm for my Pandora bracelet.

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3. Hair Flowers

Hair flower clips can be found all over and are inexpensive. These clips are fun and colorful and travel really well! Grab a handful for yourself or your girlfriends.

4. Alcohol and Wine

Maui had a lot of adult beverages to choose from including wine, beer, and vodka. Bring back a beautiful bottle of Maui drink for your adult friends or boss! …and if you don’t want to bring back big bottles you can always grab minis!

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5. Clothing

While in Lahaina I saw numerous clothing items including dresses, shirts, wraps, and bags. Everything was bright and adorned with floral print, a fun gift anyone would love!

6. Art, Crafts, and Photography

Maui is filled with beautiful arts and crafts created by local residents. You can find everything from handmade crafts, dynamic photographic prints, and amazing art. Pop in a gallery to see the local art.

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7. Music

Bring your friends some fun Hawaiian music albums back! You can find CDs with traditional and fun Hawaiian music at the shops in Lahaina.

8. Coffee

You know what your coworkers love? Coffee. You know what your friends love? Coffee! Bring back a few bags of coffee to share with your friends and enjoy a cup of joe while you tell them about your adventures.

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9. Knick-Knacks

Maui has a ton of shops that have little knack-knacks as well: magnets, figurines, shot glasses, coconut bras with grass skirts, ukuleles, and more.

Pacific Whale Foundation started with a vision in 1980 to save whales from extinction. Now an international organization, with ongoing research studies in Hawaii, Australia, and Ecuador, and are active participants in global efforts to address threats to whales and other marine life.

10. Donations

If you love Maui and want to give back, there are multiple ways to donate. You can donate to animal organizations and conservation efforts while you are there or once you return home. Check out the Pacific Whale Foundation in Lahaina. They also have some beautiful photography for sale.
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Have you been to Maui recently? What was your favorite thing you bought? Did you have a favorite place to shop? Comment below to share!