WEEK 10: 10 Week Declutter Challenge

Last week in the 10 Week Declutter Challenge we cleaned out the car and garage. This declutter challenge helped you get started with the process by focusing on one space at a time to get rid of excess items. But now it’s up to you!

Let’s finish up!

Welcome to the week ten challenge!

This week’s challenge is a personal challenge: declutter what you think needs it! Maybe your desk at work needs attention or maybe you would like to revisit an area of your home and see what else you can do. This post will have some reminders on what should go and I’ll share my own personal project! Try to get rid of 20 items minimum. Don’t get overwhelmed with organizing or cleaning if you don’t want to but if you do, great! Sell, donate, or recycle what you can and chunk the rest!

10 Week Declutter Challenge - Personal Challenge

10 Ideas to Help You Get Started:

1. Craft Storage – Clean out craft supplies and get rid of excess items or things that no longer work. Anything broken should be tossed (such as dried up pens and markers) and donate excess craft supplies to charity.
2. The Attic – Yikes! What is hiding in the attic of your house? You’re a pro at this now so get up there and get it out.
3. Books and DVDs – Clean out extra books and DVDs. You can sell these and make a few bucks for whatever you’re saving for (I’m saving for Ireland!) or you can donate them to help someone else out.
4. Junk Drawer – Everyone has a junk drawer… or two. Clean out and organize your junk drawer and turn it into a go-to supply drawer!
5. Storage Bins – Do you have storage bins under the beds or in closets? Start working through them to thin out the stuff.
6. Pet Supplies – Clean out Rover’s stuff like meds, toys, and blankets.
7. Kid Stuff – I’m single with no kids so I didn’t touch this topic but if you have kiddos I’m sure they have things that can go to help out other kids: clothes, outgrown toys, dishes, and so on.
8. Papers – Do you have mail on the counter and papers stacked up? Go through it and get it recycled or shredded!
9. Revisit a Challenge – Could you do better at one of the challenges we did together? Revisit that challenge and do it again with your new knowledge and weeks of practice!
10. Your Habit – What’s your worst home keeping habit? Tackle it with a vengeance and stay proactive.

I plan on revisiting my closet, attacking 3 bins that hold all my photography gear, and downsizing my crafting supplies cart. I plan on working on my home over the next few months and drastically removing many items in my home. I want to downsize my furniture and get rid of items I do not use or rarely use.

How did you do? Did the ten week challenge help you out? Comment below!