WEEK 8: 10 Week Declutter Challenge

Last week we cleaned out our wallets, purses, and bags. Let’s move on with the 10 Week Declutter Challenge by cleaning out and organizing our digital lives! I’ve got some great tips and ideas to help declutter your digital life. Check out this week’s blog post for 8 ideas – everything from organizing digital images to cleaning up your e-mail box!

Let’s get to it!

Welcome to the week eight challenge!

This week we are going to address our digital lives! We are going to tackle an entirely different animal today so I hope you’re ready. We will address everything from Facebook to e-mail to digital file storage. This challenge will be a time commitment but once it is completed you will get less emails, have a more professional web presence, and know where all of your files are on you computer.

10 Week Declutter Challenge - Digital Life

8 Ideas to Help You Declutter Your Digital Life:

1. Unsubscribe from E-Mails – What all comes into your email on a daily basis? Unsubscribe from emails from retailers and email notifications from social media sites. Your email box will be less cluttered and you might save some money, too!
2. Clean Up Your E-Mail Folder – Delete unneeded communications and store saved emails in folders so that you can access them easily when needed.
3. Unsubscribe from Texts – Unsubscribe from retailer promotional texts or any other distracting texts you may receive.
4. Turn Off Phone Notifications – Turn off notifications on your phone from apps such as Facebook, Instagram, and games. You get a notification when you’re using the app so why be bothered throughout the day to get a notification that you got a notification?
5. Clean Up Your Social Media Accounts – Go through your social media accounts one by one and clean up your images, your friend list, and public information. Delete unprofessional comments and photos. Watch what you post in the future!
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6. Clean Out Your Phone – Remove unused apps, delete phone numbers you no longer use or need, and geez almighty get all those pictures off of there!
Need more tips? Check out this article!
7. Organize Your Files – Organize your files on your computer or on an external hard drive. I prefer the folder method where you drill down to find specific files. Name files and folders for easy access.
Example: Hard Drive > Pictures > Travel > 2010 Grand Canyon > all images
8. Clean Up Your Desktop – Clean up your desktop and put files and folders in their designated spot.

How did you do? Comment below!

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