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Aloha! I recently went on a six-day trip to Maui to celebrate my mom and dad’s 40th wedding anniversary, enjoy the beach, and see the rugged beauty that the island has to offer. While in Maui I did a variety of things including the Road to Hana, going to the beach, searching for whales and turtles, attending a luau, and so much more. But, what should I pack for May in Maui?

Packing for Maui was a little tricky because I had such long layovers in Portland and San Diego and I didn’t want to be burdened with checked luggage or stuck at the airport. I was able to pack everything I needed for six days in just a regular backpack. That means no checked bag fees!

I have compiled a reference list of clothing and gear needed for a six-day vacation in Maui for May. Check out my list, which includes shopping links, to help you pack! Everything listed below went in my personal item carry on and backpack unless purchased in Hawaii. 

Packing for May in Maui

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What to Pack for 4 Days in May

Jean Jacket

(4) Tank Tops – Favorite Tank in Orange, Royal, Black, and Pink
(2) Swimsuit Cover Ups – Aloha Love Graphic Tank and Stripe Cover-Up
Graphic Tee
2 Pair Jean Shorts – Distressed Jeans Shorts with Belt
Nike Tempo Shorts
Dress for Luau

Hiking Boots – Pink and Grey Salomon Gortex Hiking Boots
Sandals –Orange Sandals
Flip Flops – Sparkle Flip Flops in Silver

Undies –2 Black Nike Sports Bras, 1 Bra (1 Regular), Undies (Daily and Dress)
Socks – 1  Pair of Tall Wool Socks, 2 Pair of Tall Cotton Socks

Royal Blue Bikini
Black Bikini

Basic Make-Up – ELF FoundationRimmel PowderAlmay Amethyst Liquid EyelinerAlmay Black MascaraBareminerals Lip GlossELF Kabuki Brush
Basic Bathroom Supplies – Loofa, Facial Lotion, Facial Wipes, Razor, Deodorant
Oral Care – Mini Toothpaste, Electric Toothbrush, Floss
Eye Care – Contacts, Extra Pair of Contacts, Glasses, Contact Solution
Hair Care – Mini Not Your Mother’s Dry ShampooMini Hairspray, Hair Ties, Bobby Pins, Comb, Brush

Backpack – Jansport Backpack
Packing Cubes – 2 Packing Cubes
Bags – 2 Plastic Drawstring Bags (for Dirty Clothes)
Bag – Large Purse/Beach Bag

Photography – Nikon Camera with Lens, Memory Card, Batteries and Charger
Electronics – iPhone, Earbuds, Charger

Paperwork – Passport with Holder, Printed Cruise Ticket Information, Printed Excursion Ticket Information, Printed Itinerary, State Driver’s License, Debit Card, Credit Card
Randoms – SunglassesEarplugs, Baseball HatCable Lock for Bag

SoapShampoo, Conditioner, Biodegradable Sunscreen, After Sun Care

Tan Before you go with Australian Gold Sinfully Black Tanning Lotion

How I Fit Everything in One Backpack

Clothing: Main Section of my Backpack
Travel Cubes
 – I pack using travel cubes. I fold and roll my clothing as necessary and start with the largest items and work my way to the smallest. One travel cube was used for clothing while the other was used for all under clothing and swimwear.
Large Items – Large items, such as my hiking boots, are worn while traveling. A lot of travel guides suggest you wear sslip-onshoes to speed up TSA security but I would rather wear my bulkiest/heaviest footwear. I did this on my Iceland trip as well!

Bathroom Gear and Sandals: Medium Section of my Backpack
Liquids – I am careful to only take travel sized items so that TSA doesn’t flag me down and tackle me. I put all liquids in a clear bag.
Make-Up Bag – I pack my make-up in a small make-up bag that is easy to pull out and use when I need to freshen up. I put my lotion and foundation in a contact case so I don’t have to take the entire bottle!
Everything Else – I put everything else in a separate clear bag.
Sandals – My sandals got wrapped in one of my plastic drawstring bags and went in as well.

Small Things: Small Section of my Backpack
Small items such as snacks and camera batteries went in this section.

Tiny Things: Tiny Section of my Backpack
Tiny items, such as ear plugs, phone charger, and earbuds, went in this compartment.

Personal Item: Large Purse/Beach Bag
I always keep my wallet, paperwork, camera, and essentials packed in my personal bag.

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What I Wore and When

DAY 1:
Travel from Dallas to Portland to Maui
 – Jean Jacket, Black Shirt, Black Tank, Jeggings, White Tall Cotton Socks, Hiking Boots, Bra/Undies
Read about my day in Portland!

DAY 2:
Winery – Orange Tank, Distressed Denim Shorts, Flip Flops, Sports Bra/Undies
Luau – Blue Dress, Orange Sandals, Bra/Undies

DAY 3:
Road to Hana – Aloha Love Graphic Tank, Distressed Denim Shorts, Flip Flops/Hiking Boots and Tall Wool Socks, Blue Swimsuit
Read about my adventures on the Road to Hana!

DAY 4:
Shopping/Whale Watching/Dinner in Lahaina – Graphic Tee, Denim Shorts, Flip Flops, Sports Bra/Undies, Hat for Whale Watching

DAY 5:
Breakfast & Beach – Neon Tank, Dark Wash Denim Shorts, Flip Flops, Black Swimsuit
Lunch & Turtles – Black Tank, Distressed Denim Shorts, Sandals (for lunch), Flip Flops (for beach), Sports Bra, Black Bikini Bottom

DAY 6:
Travel from Maui to San Diego to Dallas – Jean Jacket, Graphic Tee, Jeggings/Shorts (temp change mid-day!), Hiking Boots, Tall Cotton Socks, Bra/Undies
Read about my day in San Diego!

Tank Top and Nike Shorts

FASHION TIP: Everything I took with me was bright or bold colors and denim. I did this so no matter what I wore it coordinated! The most important piece of advice I have is to have safe footwear and versatile clothing.

I hope this list helps you pack efficiently for your trip! Remember, you can always shop in Maui, too. Save travels!

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This post was updated January 13, 2018.