EXPLORE: 17 Awesome Reasons to Travel

Traveling, be it to a new city or new country halfway across the world, changes you for the better. You get to experience new foods, meet new people, face challenges, and fulfill your dreams. Check out my 17 reasons to travel!

17 Reasons to Travel

1. You Get To Experience New Things

Travel opens your eyes to new and amazing things: a different view, uncommon foods, activities you don’t do ofter or have never tried, experiences that might be exhilarating or even uncomfortable. Experiencing new things is a great way to grow!

2.You Get To Create Memories

The things you decide to do while on vacation are memories you’ll have and share forever. You’ll have memories with family and friends that will last a life time.

3. You Can Try New Foods And Drinks

Have you ever tried whale or puffin in Iceland? What about poke or poi in Hawaii? Trying new foods and drinks is a fantastic way to really experience the place you are and leads to fun conversations upon your arrival back home.

4. You Become More Independent

Traveling forces you to learn independence. You learn to speak up, ask for help, or to do things yourself. You accomplish small and large victories while traveling and come back a little bit better version of the person that you were.

5. You Make New Friends

When you get out of your normal routine you meet new people. And meeting new people during a shared experience can result in friendship!

6. You Can Try Something New

Have you ever wanted to do something new and exciting? The time to do it is while traveling! Zip line through the jungle, ride in a hot air balloon, try surfing, do yoga on the beach, drink local beer, experience local culture, eat something weird.

7. You Have Something New To Talk About

You make your own stories while traveling. When you get back from your adventures you will have stories to share and can bond with others who have been to the same places or also love to travel.

8. You Get to Experience Different Lifestyles And Cultures

Seeing new places presents new lifestyles and cultures. When you see these aspects of life you become more open and understanding. You can also learn new ways of doing things.

9. You Get To Conquer New Challenges

Traveling introduces you to new challenges. I’ve faced climate, communication, and physical challenges while traveling and conquering them has given me the confidence and acceptance to embrace similar challenges at home.

10. You Become More Open And Free Spirited

Experiencing new things opens your mind and heart up. Exploring the world is also a way to explore yourself. You might find spiritual meaning, loosen up your thoughts, or connect artistically while traveling.

11. You Are More Compassionate

When you travel and see new things you become more compassionate. You learn what other people deal with on a daily basis and you become more in tune with the needs of the world. Travel might inspire you to help, donate, or volunteer when you get home.

12. You Bond With Your Travel Mate…

Traveling is fun and exciting and hectic and relaxing. All the experiences you have with your friends or family while exploring the world will strengthen your bond. Sharing the experience of travel and adventure will stay with you for a life time.

13. …Or See How Independent You Are

Or head out on your own and conquer a new city or country. Traveling solo will give you time to experience the world the way you want to. You’ll learn to handle things independently and have time to grow spiritually or intellectually.

14. You Have An Opportunity To Be Bold And Different

When you’re away from home you have the opportunity to be yourself or try something new. Wear whatever you like, leave your make-up at home, wear your hair a new way, buy fun new clothes. Do whatever you like and experiment with yourself while you’re away.

15. You Get Distance From Every Day Stress

Travel lets you take a step back from the repetitive day to day tasks that can wear us down and pile on the stress. Escaping for a few days, weeks, or months can alleviate every day stresses like work, obligations, and general adulting duties.

16. You Can Experience The Beauty Of Mother Nature

Going to new places lets you see all that Mother Nature has to offer. You can see anything from golden coast sunsets, to crisp and cold snowy mornings, to orange and red leaves on a mountainside hike in the mountains. Travel lets you experience animals and climates you aren’t accustomed to.

17. …Or The Soul Of A New City

Or feel the soul of a new city. You can hear jazz come alive on the streets of New Orleans, see talent on stage at a Broadway show in New York, or take in a baseball game in St. Louis.

Why do you love to travel? What has it taught you about yourself? Please share below in the comment sections and feel free to link to your travel stories, too!