WEEK 5: 10 Week Declutter Challenge

Last week we decluttered the home office. Let’s move on with the 10 Week Declutter Challenge by decluttering the bedroom and dressers. By now you should really be in the swing of cleaning out your space. I hope that you are seeing a change in you space, stress levels, and a decrease in cleaning time.

So, let’s get to the next challenge!

Welcome to the week five challenge!

This week we are going to tackle the bedroom and dressers! We are now going to start addressing items that may have monetary value and/or sentimental attachment. You may come across items that are hard to let go of. Remember: you’ll feel better if you do. Try to get rid of 20 items or more. Don’t get overwhelmed with organizing or cleaning, just get the excess out first. Donate or recycle what you can and chunk the rest!

10 Week Declutter Challenge - Bedroom

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10 Ideas to Help You Declutter Your Bedroom:

1. Linens – If you have extra sheets, blankets, and pillowcases you might want to ask yourself why. If you only have one bed do you really need 3 sets of sheets?
2. Pillows – How many pillows do you have stacked on your bed or floor? Downsize to just a few or one!
3. Accessories – How many scarves do you have? How many purses do you have? Is your costume jewelry overflowing? Try to downsize and keep staple pieces or just one statement piece instead of multiples.
4. Undies and Socks – Bras, undies, and socks need to go if they don’t fit or are at the “I hope no one sees these” stage. Holes equal trash!
5. Broken Items – Anything that is broken, missing pieces, or is of questionable quality.
6. Unused Items – Stuff still in the original packaging, out dated stuff, and so on should be donated or given away.
7. Empty Your Dresser – What’s in your dresser? Excess blankets? 3 sets of sheets? Extra curtains?
8. Tidy Up! – Put everything away that doesn’t belong in the bedroom: magazines, coffee cup, cat toys, books, etc.
9. Furniture – Do you have extra furniture in your room because it wouldn’t fit somewhere else? Craigslist, the 5miles App, and Facebook Groups are a great way to sell this stuff for extra cash!
10. Decor – Minimize table top decor, wall hangings, desk top frames, and so on.

Bedroom Furniture with Storage:

How did you do? Comment below!

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