2016 Liebster Award – A Blogger to Blogger Award

Hello Everyone!

I started my blog in April of 2016 to have a creative outlet for my two passions: writing and photography. Everyone has been so kind and supportive the past two months!

Now I have been nominated for the 2016 Liebster Award! This is an award created by bloggers for new bloggers to connect and support the blogging community. This award is a great opportunity to network and meet new people.

2016 Liebster Award

Thank you to Aki from The Learnify for nominating me for the 2016 Liebster Award. I really appreciate the nomination and support, Aki!


Rules for the Nominated:
1. Create a new blog post.
2. Thank the blog who nominated you and link back to them.
3. Include 11 facts about yourself.
4. Answer the 11 questions from the blog that nominated you.
5. Prepare 11 questions for those you will nominate.
6. Nominate 11 new bloggers by commenting in one of their blog posts. Link to these blogs on your post and they will link back!

My 11 Nominations:

Would you like to be nominated? Comment below so I can see your blog, too!

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11 Facts About Me:

1. I am an Aquarius.
2. I am an only child.
3. I have both a BFA and MA degree.
4. I currently live in Dallas, TX.
5. I’ve been to 23 states and 10 countries.
6. I have one rescue cat.
7. I enjoy traveling, trying new wines, and dining with friends.
8. I am actually very introverted!
9. I love donuts! I love everything from classic chocolate glaze to trying new gourmet styles.
10. I really appreciate the arts and enjoy going to the museum, the ballet, concerts, and more.
11. My favorite flowers are orchids.

11 Questions for Me:

1. If you were trapped on an island for 3 days, what would you take with you?
If I were trapped on an island for 3 days I would take a hammock, a good book, and 3 gallons of water and then I would relax and enjoy it!

2. What was your funniest incident ever?
This question is almost impossible to answer as funny/weird/embarrassing things happen to me every single day!

3. What is one embarrassing fact we should know about you?
I was almost arrested once in France for falling on a Monet painting. Oops!

4. How many best friends have you had during your lifetime?
2, my childhood bestie and my adulthood bestie.

5. If you weren’t here, what would you be doing?
I suppose that depends on where I was instead. Think about that for a second!

6. What’s the best meal you’ve ever had?
The best meal I have ever had was at Kokomo’s in Las Vegas. I had lobster tail, steak, mashed potatoes, wine, and dessert. I was so sad when I learned it was closed!

7. What is the most childish thing you still do?
I still watch cartoons! My favorites are the Simpsons and Futurama.

8. What is your favorite dessert?
My favorite dessert is probably cheesecake!

9. Do you have a favorite computer game?
My guilty pleasure is playing Cookie Jam on my iPhone. I’m on level 794. Don’t judge me.

10. Blogging – the future or a fad (for you)?
I started my blog in April of 2016 because I needed a creative outlet. I foresee blogging as a longterm commitment because it has allowed me to share my thoughts with others, write creative content, post my photography, and I’ve also learned a lot about coding and design.

11. What are your three favorite colors, and why?
This is a very tough question for me! My three favorite colors are black because it’s always perfect, red because it looks great on cars, and hot pink because it’s a happy color.

11 Questions for the Nominated:

1. Why did you start blogging?
2. What inspires you and why?
3. Who inspires you and why?
4. Where would you like to travel to?
5. What are 3 of your life goals?
6. What are your 5 favorite albums of all time?
7. What is your favorite book or series?
8. When was the last time you tried a new food?
9. What is your favorite television series?
10. What is your favorite food?
11. What would you like to learn how to do?

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Thank You!

Thanks to all of you who have taken the time to check out my new blog. I really appreciate how supportive everyone has been, personal friend or blogger! I hope you enjoy my blog. Follow me on my social accounts which are accessible in the menu to the right or sign up for email updates below.

Would you like to participate? Comment below so I can read your blog!