WEEK 4: 10 Week Declutter Challenge

Last week we decluttered the living room. Let’s keep going with the 10 Week Declutter Challenge by moving on to the home office. I am positive you are seeing a change in your space by now. You should be happy about how your space is transforming and you should start to notice less stress at home and in your life.

Let’s get to the next challenge!

Welcome to the week four challenge!  

We will move on and start decluttering the home office! We are now going to start addressing a few items that may have monetary value. You may come across an electronic device you just had to have and you may have to start making decisions about what to keep. Try to get rid of 20 items minimum. Don’t get overwhelmed with organizing or cleaning if you don’t want to. Focus on getting the excess out first. Sell, donate, or recycle what you can and chunk the rest!

10 Week Declutter Challenge - Home Office

10 Ideas to Help You Declutter Your Office:

1. Magazines and Books – Magazines, books, catalogs, and newspapers should be minimized or, at the very least, organized. Donate books and magazines and recycle catalogs and newspapers.
2. Electronics – Old electronics and other electronic entertainment that you don’t use.
3. Cables – Donate or recycle excess cables, old CDs/programs, etc.
4. Writing Utensils – Get rid of pens, markers, and highlighters that no longer write.
5. Broken Items – Anything that is broken, missing pieces, or is of questionable quality.
6. Unused Items – Stuff still in the original packaging, out dated stuff, etc.
7. Paper Products – Recycle papers, envelopes with no cards, craft scraps that won’t be used, and other paper items.
8. Tidy Up! – Put everything away that doesn’t belong in the office: shoes, coffee cup, cat toys, etc.
9. Excess Stuff – 3 pairs of scissors? 100s of address labels? 65 sharpies? 2 printers? Cut out the excess!
10. Decor – Minimize table top decor, wall hangings, and decorative pieces. If it’s smaller than a cantaloup, consider getting rid of it. Bigger items but less of them make a great impact on a space!

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