WEEK 2: 10 Week Declutter Challenge

Last week we decluttered the bathroom. Let’s continue the 10 Week Declutter Challenge to get clutter and excess out of your home. This declutter challenge should be helping you with the process by focusing on one space at a time and getting rid excess items.

Let’s keep going!

Welcome to the week two challenge! 

We will continue by decluttering the kitchen! This is a good place to follow up because, again, there shouldn’t be too much that is sentimental, any items to try on, or items to really think too hard about. Try to get rid of 20 items minimum. Don’t get overwhelmed with organizing or cleaning if you don’t want to. Focus on getting the excess out first. Sell, donate, or recycle what you can and chuck the rest!

10 Week Declutter Challenge - Kitchen

11 Ideas to Help You Declutter Your Kitchen:

1. Expired Food – This one is a no-brainer! Clean out old, expired, or gross food and spices. Clean out the refrigerator, the pantry, and any cabinets.
2. Excess Food Storage – Extra Tupperware, twist ties, rubber bands, and travel mugs should be minimized. Donate what you can and recycle the rest.
3. Cooking Utensils – Unused and extra cooking tools and supplies should be minimized.
4. Extra Anything – Cups, plates, mismatched or extra silverware, and anything else you do not use should be donated or trashed.
5. Anything Missing Pieces – Tupperware with no lids, cups with no lids, and so on are not useful and take up space.
6. Excess Linens – Towels or oven mitts with holes in them or burn marks (oops) should be thrown out. Napkins, placemats, and tablecloths should be donated or up-cycled or donated.
7. Old Prescriptions/OTC Medications – Old prescriptions and over the counter medicine should be disposed of.
8. Broken Stuff – Small appliances, cups, and whatever else you’re hanging on to “just in case” should be removed from your space.
9. Junk on the Fridge – Refrigerator magnets and papers on the fridge should be removed or minimized.
10. Decor – Minimize countertop decor, wall hangings, and decorative towels.
11. Plastic Wear – Recycle all your extra and excess plastic forks, knives, and spoons.

How did you do? Comment below!

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