EXPLORE: Iceland – 11 Souvenir and Gift Ideas

Exploring what the world has to offer is fun in itself and shopping to find the perfect piece to add to your travel collections can be another way to learn about and explore the place you’re in. I am surrounded by my travels while at home because I always bring back a treasure to keep and a few to share. While shopping in Reykjavik I found a lot of great things to bring home to commemorate the trip and to share with friends and family. Check out my list below to see the 11 best things I found in Iceland to bring home!

Iceland - Shopping in Reykjavik

1. Wool Items – Wool is a warmth staple in Iceland. Take home a sweater, blanket, or woolen accessories to help remember how cold you were! I really appreciated the craftsmanship in these pieces but it just doesn’t get cold enough in Texas to wear wool very often so I didn’t get anything.

2. Fur Pelts – There are several places to buy fur pelts in Iceland. I saw reindeer, seal, and fox. I spoke with a shop owner and asked her questions about the pelts and how they are acquired. She said that they are pelts from animals farmed for food so that every part of the animal is used.

3. Lava Jewelry – One of my favorite things I found to bring home with me was a lava charm necklace. My best friend bought hers at Thingvellir and I bought mine in Reykjavik at a jewelry store. Icelandic lava is not smooth so don’t buy the wrong one!

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4. Blue Lagoon Products – The Blue Lagoon sells spa and beauty products that you can take home and enjoy later or give as gifts. Sizes range from full size products or travel size variety packs perfect for gifts. If you can’t decide at the Blue Lagoon you can always go to the store in town.

5. Alcohol – Go through the airport shop on the way back home and grab a bottle of Brennavin or Vodka. They have various sizes so you can buy larger bottles for yourself and family or minis for friends.

6. Candy – Iceland has amazing candy! I brought home a lot of different candy to keep and to share. You can find a variety of candies at Bonus (the grocery store). There was a large variety of liquorices and chocolates. I brought home Opal licorice for a friend and chocolate for me!

7. Mustard – Did you enjoy a hotdog in Iceland? You can take some of the flavor home with you by buying some mustard at Bonus.

8. Spices – A lot of stores have Salts, Arctic Thyme, and Oils for cooking. I brought home some Black Lava Salt and Arctic Thyme for myself and my dad because we like to cook so much.

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9. Glassware – Every gift shop seemed to have a variety of glassware. I brought back some adorable items including a mug with a 3D sheep on it for a friend and a cartoon cat glass for another friend. These items traveled well in my carry on.

10. Music – I saw a few places selling albums. Iceland has a few artists that we have heard of in the States including Bjork and Of Monsters and Men. You can also pick up an album that’s an artist new to you!

11. Art – There is some really beautiful art from talented people in Iceland at the shops, at gift stores, and at travel destinations. You can take home some photography to commemorate your trip!

What do you plan on bringing home from your adventure?