EXPLORE: Iceland – What to Pack for March

I recently went on a quest with my best friend to accomplish a bucket list dream… I went on a 5 day trip to Reykjavik to see the Northern Lights and all the beauty that Iceland has to offer. While in Iceland I did a variety of things including relaxing in the Blue Lagoon, going to a phenomenal dinner, exploring the Golden Circle, shopping in the city, and chasing the ever elusive Northern Lights.

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When going to a place where it is beyond freezing at night and needing a swimsuit in the day along with photography gear, what on Earth are you supposed to pack?! Fear not! I have compiled a list of clothing and gear needed for a five-day vacation in Reykjavik for March. Check out my list, which includes shopping links, to help you pack! Everything listed below went in my carry on, backpack, and one checked medium suitcase.

Iceland - What to Pack for March

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What to Pack for Iceland for 5 Days in March

Coat – Black Down Eddie Bauer Coat
Snow Pants – Grey Snow Pants*
Hat/Gloves/Scarf – Black Knit Hat, Black Wool Gloves*, Pink Plaid Scarf*

Fleece Jacket – Hot Pink Columbia Fleece Jacket
Fleece Vest – Hot Pink Columbia Fleece Vest

Base Layers – Black Top, Charcoal Top, Black Pants

3 Long Sleeve Shirts – Plaid Tunic, Grey Sweater, Black Long Sleeve Tee
1 Dress – Black Long Sleeve Short Dress
2 Pair Thick Leggings – Jeggings, Black Leggings
Tank Top – Hot Pink Tank Top

Hiking Boots – Salomon Gortex Hiking Boots
Boots – Black Over the Knee Leather Fashion Boots*

Undies and Socks – 2 Black Nike Sports Bras, 1 Bra, Undies, Long Sleeve and Pants Cotton Pajamas Set, 2 Pair of Tall Wool Socks, 2 Pair of Tall Cotton Socks

Swim – Black SwimsuitCheapy Flip Flops

Basic Make-Up – ELF FoundationRimmel PowderELF Liquid EyelinerAlmay Black MascaraBareminerals Lip GlossELF Kabuki Brush
Basic Bathroom Supplies – Soap, Loofa, Facial Lotion, Facial Wipes, Razor, Deodorant
Oral Care – Mini Toothpaste, Electric Toothbrush, Floss
Eye Care – Contacts, Extra Pair of Contacts, Glasses, Contact Solution
Hair Care – Shampoo, ConditionerMini Not Your Mother’s Dry ShampooMini Hairspray, Hair Ties, Bobby Pins, Comb, Brush
Sun Care – Biodegradable Sunscreen, After Sun Care

Backpack – Backpack
Packing Cubes – Packing Cubes
Bags – 2 Plastic Drawstring Bags (for Dirty or Wet Clothes)

Photography – Nikon Camera with Lens, Memory Card, Batteries and Charger
Electronics – iPhone, Earbuds, Charger, International Power Converter, Flashlight

Paperwork – Passport with Holder, Printed Ticket Information, Printed Excursion Ticket Information, Printed Itinerary, State Driver’s License, Debit Card, Credit Card
Randoms – SunglassesEarplugs
Small Cross-body Purse, Hot Hands Heat Packs

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What I Wore and When in Iceland

DAY 1:
Travel from Dallas to NYC
– Coat, Regular Bra, Tank Top, Plaid Tunic, Black Leggings, Tall Cotton Socks, Boots

DAY 2:
Travel from NYC to Reykjavik – Coat, Hat, Scarf, Wool Gloves, Regular Bra, Tank Top, Plaid Tunic, Black Leggings, Tall Cotton Socks, Boots
City Fun – Coat, Hat, Scarf, Wool Gloves, Regular Bra, Tank Top, Plaid Tunic, Black Leggings, Tall Cotton Socks, Boots
Northern Lights Tour – Coat, Hat, Scarf, Wool Gloves, Sports Bra, Black Base Layers, Black Long Sleeve Shirt, Fleece Jacket, Jeggings, Snow Pants, Tall Wool Socks, Hiking Boots.

DAY 3:
Blue Lagoon – Swimsuit, Flip Flops (No Make-Up) / Coat, Hat, Scarf, Wool Gloves, Sports Bra, Black Long Sleeve Shirt, Fleece Jacket, Jeggings, Tall Cotton Socks, Boots
Shopping and Elegant Dinner – Coat, Hat, Scarf, Wool Gloves, Regular Bra, Black Base Layer Top and Pants, Black Long Sleeve Short Dress, Regular Socks, Boots

DAY 4:
Golden Circle – Coat, Hat, Scarf, Wool Gloves, Sports Bra, Grey Base Layer Top, Black Base Layer Pants, Fleece Vest, Jeggings, Tall Wool Socks, Hiking Boots, and Snow Pants were on and off all day.
Casual Dinner – Coat, Hat, Scarf, Wool Gloves, Sports Bra, Black Long Sleeve Shirt, Fleece Jacket, Jeggings, Cotton Socks, Boots

DAY 5:
City Fun – Coat, Hat, Scarf, Wool Gloves, Regular Bra, Tank Top, Grey Sweater, Black Leggings, Tall Cotton Socks, Boots
Travel from Reykjavik to NYC – Coat, Regular Bra, Tank Top, Grey Sweater, Black Leggings, Tall Cotton Socks, Boots

DAY 6:
Travel from NYC to Dallas – Coat, Regular Bra, Tank Top, Plaid Tunic, Black Leggings, Tall Cotton Socks, Boots
… and then in Dallas, it was unusually hot so I changed at the airport to go to dinner with friends! I just took off the tunic, socks, and boots and put my flip flops on. Done-zo!

FASHION TIP: Everything I took with me was black, grey, or pink. I did this so no matter what I wore it coordinated! The most important piece of advice I have is to always layer everything and to have waterproof footwear and clothing.

I hope this list helps you pack efficiently for your trip! Remember, you can always shop in Reykjavik, too. Save travels!

I hope my list helps you out if you’re headed to Iceland! Safe Travels.

If you have suggestions or recommendations, please comment below to share your advice! Thanks for all the Pinterest shares!

*Link is closest I can find to recommend.

This post was updated January 24, 2019. 

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