10 Week Declutter Challenge

Many of us are burdened with stuff. In our consumer driven culture it is all too easy to have too much stuff. We shop because we have to have something, because it makes us feel better at the moment, and because it’s fun. There is a vicious cycle of having too much. Our homes become full and cluttered and it becomes time consuming to keep our homes clean. Clutter, in turn, causes stress. And who wants stress?!

This easy to complete 10 week challenge is an encouraging start to getting clutter and excess out of your home. This challenge helps you get started with the process by focusing on one space at a time and getting rid of ten items minimum. Once you get started you may not want to stop!

Week 1: Bathroom
The bathroom is a good place to start because there shouldn’t be anything sentimental, items to try on, or items to really think too hard about. Check out the list for ideas on what to clean out!

Week 2: Kitchen
The kitchen is a good follow up because, like the bathroom, there shouldn’t be anything sentimental, items to try on, or items to really think too hard about. Read the blog post for 10 ideas!

Week 3: Living Room
Now that we’re on a roll, let’s head over to the living room! We’ll start to see a few challenges arise such as parting with sentimental items or expensive purchases. This week’s post has great ideas on how to declutter your space.

Week 4: Home Office
The home office is a challenge with paperwork, electronics, and a ton of small items. With 10 ideas in this week’s blog post I’m sure your office space will be neat and organized in no time!

Week 5: Bedroom
Your bedroom should be your relaxing sanctuary! Check out this week’s post to get clutter out of the bedroom and simplify your sacred space.

Week 6: Closet
Now, who’s ready for a real challenge? This week we’ll be cleaning out the closet and simplifying wardrobe items. This week’s post has a lot of great ideas on what should be downsized and a few hard truths about why. I promise this challenge has a huge payoff!

Week 7: Personal Effects
The things you carry with you every day should be useful and organized. Check out this week’s post for ideas on how to clean out your wallet or purse and how to be better organized on the go.

Week 8: Digital Life
I’ve got some great tips to help declutter your digital life. Check out this week’s blog post for 10 ideas – everything from organizing digital images to cleaning up your e-mail box.

Week 9: Garage & Car
This week we will roll up our sleeves and get outside. 10 tips and tricks are featured in this week’s post to help you clean out your garage and vehicle.

Week 10: Personal Challenge
This week’s challenge is a personal challenge: declutter what you think needs it! Maybe your desk at work needs attention or maybe you would like to revisit an area of your home and see what else you can do. This post will have some reminders on what should go and I’ll share my own personal project!

This easy to follow 10 week challenge is aimed at practicing the art of decluttering and the habit of saying no with a reason. After completing this challenge you will feel less stress and have more free time to do the things you enjoy.